Lean approaches to software development have moved from novelty to widespread use. Lean Product Design enables businesses to get their product to market fast, validate frequently with the end user, and continuously respond to the feedback. It is a lightweight design and user research throughout an agile development process. In Lean Product design, the designer and developers create a usable product from day one. In the beginning, a clear vision of the unique value of your product is required, which allows the team to create one single feature to market and test. Through the continuous iteration of user research, the product will evolve in response to the feedback with collaborative design and development. The moment the end users are willing to buy the current latest version of the product makes the proven demand and ready to take it to the market. In the on-going innovation and change in the industries having a product that meets the needs are the key to success.

Lean Mindset: The Lean principles mainly have to do with vehicle manufacturing, the software development comes by following the repeatable procedures and necessitates precise quality standards. Lean Mindset is the key to creating stunning products and delivering amazing services. If you want an organization that has multiple products to be lean, it requires adopting the ‘lean thinking’ at the decision-making chain. This prevents the work on wasteful product ideas as early as possible before the development of the product.  The lean principles can apply in your software development projects are,

  • Eliminating Waste
  • Creating Knowledge Principles to the Development Team
  • Build Quality Product
  • Fast Delivery
  • Empowering the Project Team that you can respect everyone
  • Delay in Making Decisions that encourage the project team to keep the Options
  • Optimizing the entire Development Process

So, it is important to stay lean principles with software development tool of Kanban below,

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