Did you know that out of every 5000 subscribers receiving web push notification, the average CTR is 10.85% – this is much better than an average CTR of emails that revolves around 3-4%. The short communication notifications that you receive on your web browser is known as web push notification. The purpose of web push notification is to reach users through compelling, short and crisp messages that will make them respond. The best part about most web push notifications are they are permission based.
It is a vast myth among digital marketers that web push notifications do not bring any conversions. However, the real fact is, web push notifications have got higher engagements and by reaching users that other mediums couldn’t. Moreover, in few industries web push notification is extremely well-used:

While mobile push reaches only those mobile users who are using that particular app, whereas web push can reach any number of visitors who land on your browser throughout the day. And this browser includes sources such as computers, mobiles and tablets. Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari support web push notifications.
One of the most used web push notifications are in ecommerce industry. A recent study has shown that 96% of Americans prefer shopping online. Moreover, every 30 second, the ecommerce businesses make over $1.2 billion. And all this business is generated from over 1.7 million ecommerce websites that are all craving for users attention. That is where web push notification comes into picture. In this cut-throat competitive world, with so many global ecommerce giants and smaller brands – all running towards the same goal, they would want to engage their prospects in every possible way.
The main challenge is to engage, re-engage, retain and retarget your prospect so that you can bring them back to your website again and again. Web push notification helps them do just that. Remember, the average rate of cart abandonment is as high as 69% – that brings a loss of $4 trillion worldwide in sales every year – something that is extremely high.
To avoid that ecommerce websites uses this tried and tested solution of web push notification. You must be wondering, if even after having social media, email and SMS as medium of notification do we really need web push in the ecommerce industry sector. The answer is a simple yes. Push notification delivers messages in real-time, on-the-go that is one of its most valuable usages. In fact, for small and medium sized businesses where building an app is an expensive and cost incurring issue, web push notification is the best answer.
How web push notification works:
Opt-in box
Web push notifications are completely permission based. The moment the opt-in box appears on the website the visitor needs to click ‘Allow’ to get further notifications. He is automatically updated in the subscriber list. Further on he will receive the notifications in real time. This opt-in nodal box is integrated in the website coding. These notifications will arrive in real-time and the user need not open the browser as well. That’s the best part about web push.
Compelling copy
One of the most interesting features of the web push notification is its copy. It has to be short, crisp and extremely compelling so that the subscriber immediately clicks on the allow tab. There are characters limits to web push and you need to abide by that. Therefore you need to ensure that you fit in your entire message in short words that are effective. Remember, your prospect should find your message valuable enough to allow you to send messages further.
Be clear in your message instead of being vague. You cannot let your prospect guessing on what is in it for him. They do not have time to analyze so much. Your visitor is impatient, they want information in short time. Your copy should do just that. The character limit of web push is not more than 100; therefore, you need to be extremely concise and crisp. Create urgency and that will lead to an opportunity.
Frequency check
You cannot be too frequent to send push messages. You should also know how frequently you should send web push without annoying your prospect or subscriber. Moreover, different notifications work differently during different time of the day. A promotional message will not work when your subscriber is busy at his workplace. He needs to be in a relaxed mood to check you’re promotional or discount offers. Similarly, an update can be sent during the key work hours. Therefore, you need to study your prospects mental bandwidth and send notifications accordingly.
Since this is a pretty new technology, you need to test your web push as per your metrics. That will clearly depend on the click rates, the opt-outs, the bounces and the time spent on page by the user. Based on that you can come to a benchmark and set it for your notification frequency.
Key objective
You cannot use web push for your ecommerce business simply because your competitors are using. You need to understand why it is so important and has become the blue eyed baby of the ecommerce family. It has been proven that web push notification:

  • Pumps up conversion rates
  • Helps in engage and retain prospects and customers to visit your online store again
  • Ensures you recover your abandoned cart through retargeting your customers
  • Avoids getting blocked by ad blockers or pop-up blockers

Web push notification triggers your conversion funnel by enhancing website activities. This itself is a huge boost for your ROI. The power to communicate instantly with your prospects and customers is of extreme value for an ecommerce industry. Through web push notifications you can share the latest product information, new product availability, limited stock offer, reminders, seasonal offer, latest discounts, shipment status and other related information as well.
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Marry Ann is a branding consultant for PushMaze, a service that lets you send trackable push notifications for users. She mainly passionate about building brands in all aspect of online marketing.

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