Alaska legalized the use, sale and production of marijuana in November of 2014 for any individual age 21 or older. This includes laws for possession. The law states anyone age 21 or older can legally possess a maximum of 28 grams or one ounce of marijuana. An adult may have a maximum of six marijuana plants in their possession provided a maximum of three are flowering and mature. It is also specified under Ballot Measure 2 that marijuana accessories are lawful and legal to possess. 

Alaskas cannabis laws and regulations are unlike other states regarding the limits for purchasing different items. Purchasing limits are not covered by any Alaskan laws. The regulations do prevent purchasing in excess of one ounce of marijuana at any given time. An individual must present an identification card issued by the government as proof of their age to be allowed to purchase recreational marijuana within the state of Alaska. If a person is proven to have falsified their age, they can receive a violation and a fine as high as $400. 

The laws in Alaska regarding consumption are similar to other states. Cannabis may not be consumed on any public or federal land. Individuals age 21 or above may consume marijuana on private property provided it is not within the view of the public. Alaska has banned public consumption. If this ban is violated the offender may receive a fine up to $100. For more information please visit here

It is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana in Alaska. Driving under the influence includes both alcohol and marijuana. The offender will face DUI penalties and charges. The risks regarding driving while under the influence of marijuana far outweigh any benefits. Cannabis must only be consumed in a manner that is legal. Marijuana may be transported provided it does not exceed six marijuana plants or one ounce. The marijuana must be stored in a childproof container the driver is unable to reach. This applies to any open containers being held by a passenger. Passengers cannot legally consume marijuana while in a vehicle in Alaska. 

It is strictly illegal to export any marijuana across the state lines. If the individual is caught the result may be a steep penalty. Legal cannabis should always be consumed in a manner that is both legal and safe. If an individual is planning a trip outside of the state, they should dispose of any cannabis in a legal manner or leave it with a friend. For additional details please visit this site

Cultivation of marijuana plants is only legal for individuals age 21 or above. The limit is six marijuana plants. A maximum of three plants are allowed to be flowering at the same time. The cultivation of the marijuana plants must take place in a location outside of the view of the public. Security must be in place to prevent unauthorized access to the plants. The cultivation must occur on property that is in lawful possession by the individual.

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