Luggage shipping is a modern specialty service that has developed in the free trade market, chiefly due to the rising costs of airliners price-gouging customers. Necessity is the mother of invention. Many travelers have their luggage deliveries delayed or damaged. Some naive flyers have lost priceless family heirlooms and gifts. 

This is due to the unusually chaotic nature of high-volume airline luggage transport, a process that is partly mechanized. The mechanization and reliance on confusing codes to sort luggage undermine the reliability of the results. While it may seem to make sense for many who fall into the one-stop-shop convenience of booking your luggage at the same time that you book your flight, the specialty services would not exist if they did not offer an advantage. 

Flyer beware when shipping your luggage via FedEx or UPS. The hidden fees and costs involved in calculating the transport may not be apparent on the face of the quote. Consumers most often suffer price shock when they opt for the home pick up service. 

There are several segues for the large international delivery services to rip you off. They add large surcharges for residential pickup. Consumers are forced to obtain oversized boxes and pack the luggage themselves or pay a premium at the store to have the shipper do this. There is a steep surcharge and insurance coverage lapse if you decide to ship without a box. The shippers then balance whether it costs more to ship by weight or dimension and force you to pay whichever is greater. 

These are all sophisms. The shippers are trying to find sneaky ways to convince you why your package costs more to ship. While it may seem to have some logical basis, it generally makes little difference with the high volume of flights and shipments they handle. Services like Luggage Forward tout to be the overall best bang for your buck. They are savvy of how the airliners and international shippers are gouging customers. That is the niche that has driven this service to the forefront. 

Other specialty shippers are guilty of the same sort of sophistry rationalization as the big international shippers. They have all sorts of hidden fees and loopholes built into their contracts that lure you in with misleading prices and benefits. Many people do not have time to change their travel plans by the time they get locked into paying a premium for specialty luggage transport. Other travelers will not know the final costs until they touch down and receive their luggage. 

Transparency of price and full-service accommodation are the primary selling points to consider in this type of service. By having the ability to make guarantees in these two core concepts of the service, the specialty shipper is able to capture a greater share of the market to maintain the quality of service at competitive prices. It is a brick wall for other specialty shippers and international shippers to compete with this business model. So, they scam people out of their money.

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