Corporate culture is something so nebulous it’s almost impossible to define, but it plays an incredibly important role in your company. Culture is what you and your employees are immersed in every day, and it can be warm, welcoming and supportive or it can be completely hostile. If you’re looking to build better company culture, here are three key steps to take.


Professional development doesn’t just have to be about hard skills like computer use, new techniques and new equipment, it can also include soft skills and social sensitivity. These kinds of training don’t have to be uncomfortable if you consult the right professionals. Look for companies that offer staff development Kansas City KS or your area for ideas about where to start with training your way to a better company culture.


Don’t underestimate the power of structure in creating company culture. A strict hierarchical structure is going to breed a very different kind of atmosphere from a more flat, open kind of company structure. If you want to change your company culture, you may also have to change your company structure.


The most important thing is to take in feedback on a regular basis and actually respond to that feedback as it comes in. Culture is built with streets that go both ways. If you don’t get feedback, you can’t be sure what the company’s culture is really like for your employees.

Company culture can give your employees a reason to stay with your company, come to work every day and give their all. It can make new employees feel welcomed and attract the very best of the best into your ranks. It may be nebulous, hard to define and harder to quantify, but it’s well worth taking the time to make sure that your company’s culture is everything you want it to be.

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