Social media is one of the fastest growing platform we ever come across in the digital marketing. It is the platform which has more than 2 billion users on facebook that are continuously growing.
Facebook earned the highest amount of income in the 3rd quarter of 2017. Everything goes viral on these platforms in just few seconds. We have seen some huge changes in the year 2017. Instagram and twitter has brought some notable changes like upgradation in the number of characters and short time story feature on instagram.
The content distribution become lot more organised as marketers have much more platforms with different type of features on it.
Brands are putting more and more of their focus towards social media strategy and planning. It would be better to know the social media trends of 2018 to make the implementation strategies accurate and effective :-

  1. Content with limited time

Many companies already started utilizing this feature in this year and without a doubt it is providing immense benefit to the ones who are using it. From facebook to instagram and snapchat everyone has this feature. It is received as a authentic source of information by consumers and the audience. The best part is, it makes immediate connection with the audience that leads them to action. . It is received as

  1. Live feature

This is going to be a huge game changer this year. The option to go live from anywhere anytime makes the entire scenario very much engaging. You can interact with people anytime and provide them all the details of the product launch event or any other event instantly. This brings transparency which eventually build trust & increase the chances of their questions getting answered accurately. This can turn target audience into an prospective customers easily.

  1. Video content

We all know how effective video is, it can give information in very less amount of time in much more interactive way. Social media users accepted this technique positively and getting connected with it easily. The idea of attracting public with visuals is something what audience also look forward to. It’s time to go beyond the still images and focus on producing more video content for the audience.

  1. Frequent posting

The users on social media platforms are increasing tremendously, the constant growth in the numbers is enough to explain how big these platforms are now. In order to make audience hooked with the company, you need to post the content more frequently. It doesn’t mean you will post everything which is not even relevant to their needs. Be relevant and precise in order to generate the traffic. Post original and higher quality contents as people on social media are quite active and know the difference between fresh opinion and similar content.  
Earlier, the social media was just a medium which is used for communication. Now the advancement in the technology has made all those platforms much more useful than it was. You can now edit videos, publish short stories, can go live etc. the content marketing is all about engagement and interaction. If you able to done that right than there are chances of you to beat the bigger brands just by implementing inbound marketing right.

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