Have you ever thought about the difference between marketing and branding? Although the two are connected, understanding the difference is crucial to help you set specific goals, establish mechanisms of testing them, and succeed in business.
Marketing is Tactical while Branding is Strategic
While marketing greatly contributes to a business brand, you need to appreciate that a brand is bigger. Your business brand is what you are left with after running a serious marketing campaign. It is what sticks to the target audience’s mind about your product, your organization, and service – whether or not the person bought what you were marketing or not.
The brand will help the target audience to determine if they want to stick to your business or not. Think of it this way.  Marketing can persuade you to buy an Audi car, but the brand will determine whether in the future you are going to buy only Audis.
So when creating a brand, just like Romain Chiaramonte said, “You need to ensure that your products will deliver the promise you gave to the client.” Well, deliver the promise and your audience will turn into raving clients. They will stick with you even during the hard times because they believe in your ideals.
As Marketing Pulls Clients to Your Business, Branding makes them Loyal

Notably, all businesses, no matter their forms, have to sell. But the way they sell differs. The marketing campaigns you run through social media, radio ads and other platforms are aimed at getting as many people to your store and purchase that item of interest. You are simply telling clients that “look, my products are cool, come and buy.” However, the brand showcases who you are.
If you take a closer look at the international firms and how they do their branding, the focus is long term as mentioned here. For example, Samsung uses its marketing strategies to sell every phone it releases into the market. But its brand helps to knit the clients together so that they keep buying its newer products. Branding builds a community that you can always count on to move on through increased sales and profits.
When you think of growing your business, here is Romain Chiaramonte’s tip : it is prudent to start working on its brand early so that it creates a strong network that you can rely on for success. With marketing, you might achieve some success, but the success will be bigger with branding. Note that both marketing and branding require you to be agile and focused on customer needs. With a good brand, you can never go wrong!

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