Deciding to use a vehicle to advertise your business is a good idea. It hits two birds with one stone. You can use the vehicle for daily operations and at the same time, it allows more people to find out more about your business. The information on display can easily capture their attention.
This does not happen in a snap though. You have to make sure that you choose the right words and images so that people can appreciate what you have posted.
Don’t overwhelm the people
It is a good idea to use graphics to provide more information to people. However, you need to be careful with the kind of information you put out. You can’t just use any images you want. The text should also be of reasonable length. Otherwise, people won’t know what to look at. They will get tired and decide to just move on.
Use a huge font
You also have to use a huge font and images so that even those from afar can easily read what is written. You can’t expect people to come close just to read the information on the vehicle. If you really want to capture their attention, the graphics must be effortlessly visible.
Prioritise important information
It is also important for you to determine the kind of information that you allow people to read. The name and logo of your company should be there. If you have a tagline that you want people to be familiar with, you should also include it. Photos related to your company such as products or people at work must be there too.
It also helps if you have the link to your website or a QR code. Those who want more information can simply visit the site. Phone numbers and email addresses should also be included in smaller fonts just in case people really want to find out more about your business.
Choose the best signage service company
Once you have decided what information to include, you can now partner with a vehicle signage company. They will help you with the design. Once you are fine with the final design, they can have it printed for you and also place it on the vehicle.
Decide on the placement of the graphics so that they can be visible from afar and at various angles. Try using the vehicle for a few days and see if you get more calls or emails from interested individuals. If it drives your sales up, it is even better.
Again, advertising is just a bonus in this case. The main goal is to use the vehicle for operations. If more people can find out more about your business with the help of the vehicle, it would be great.

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