Whether you are carrying out a renovation or demolition project or are making a passage for a utility line, it is always critical to consult an experienced concrete contractor to help you with the work. And there are various renowned companies which can provide you with superior concrete services. Whether your project involves concrete cutting, concrete coring, core drilling, concrete finishing or decorative concrete installation, these professionals can help.

Concrete Services in Edmonton
If you are in Edmonton or its environs and are in need of concrete services, you will find experts that can help. This is because there are companies that are experienced in providing quite a number of concrete services. These experts usually use very strong and advanced tools and equipment such as Bobcats, concrete crushers and dump trucks to execute their tasks. Whether you are working on a project that involves concrete coring or stamped concrete in Edmonton, these professionals can help. Their services include:
1. Floor and Trench Sawing
These experts are renowned for providing topnotch floor and trench sawing services for industrial, commercial and even residential customers. They normally use very powerful electric, gas-powered and even hydraulic equipment, which enables them to take on a range of projects involving floor and trench cutting. These include:
a) Underground Utility Repair Access
b) Bridge Repairs
c) Beam Pockets
d) Making of Expansion Joints
e) Grade Beams
f) Plumbing and Electrical
g) Trenching
h) Gas Line, Sewer, Fiber Optic Line and Drainage Trenching
i) Green, Cured and Reinforced Concrete work
j) Hand Sawing
k) Indoor Cutting
l) Small Cuts for Clean, Quick, and Effective Removals
2. Wall Sawing
Using hydraulic-powered sawing units, these experts are able to quickly and easily cut out reinforced concrete walls to make openings for doorways, windows and many other applications. Using various sizes of diamond blades, their saws are able to make cuts of different depths without causing any compromise on the integrity of surrounding structures.

  1. Core Drilling

These companies are also known to offer professional and accredited concrete coring for industrial, residential and commercial clients. This is a widely used technique for drilling holes through floors and walls. Here, the experts usually employ the use of handheld, hydraulic and electric equipment to cut holes of different diameters with almost no limit on the depth.
4. Diamond Wire Sawing
This is a special cutting technique that involves the use of a special type of wire saw that is usually infused with diamond particles, enabling it to cut through just about any concrete structure regardless of its depth or size. The diamond wire saw is usually aided by pulleys and a motor, requires a small operating space and can cut through large and reinforced concrete structures without much hassle.
Some of the other concrete services that are offered by these experts include demolition, concrete finishing, decorative concrete, window installation, road and bridge saw cutting, concrete repair and replacements, as well as concrete construction work. The most advantageous thing is that all their tasks are usually handled with strict adherence to high safety and professional standards. Whether you are working on a project that involves reinforced or stamped concrete in Edmonton, these companies have the expertise, equipment and experience needed to get the work done.

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