Why communication in the workplace is important? Good communication makes everyone on your team to feel heard and creates a positive and encouraging environment. Hence, it leads to happy employees and a happy workspace as a productive one.

Accordingly, the effective communication within an organization boosts morale; build trusts among employees; prevent major problems like lawsuits from arising and increase loyalty among working people. According to the recent survey, around 79% workers in the US get their news through the office grapevine as opposed to official corporate communications. And, the same report reveals that 49% of the workers are unhappy with the way senior management communicates. This doesn’t bode well for employee retention.

So, start employing our five strategies for improved workplace communication to increase understanding, improve the workplace environment and promote team spirit. Get ready to revolutionize your business? Let’s go!

Effective Workplace Communication Strategies

Start Using the Right Tool For Business

The most common communication issue that most of the employees faced in workplace is not giving clear instructions, right? Well, instead of telling your employees what to do without giving them the proper guidance, that makes sense of problem.

Luckily, many of the tools are wandering in this tech world, which will help you to sort out the employee’s communication problem. But, don’t choose multiple channels because it will confuse them fast. To get rid of it, choose the best instant messenger for office use with new and exciting features to build better team communication.

Encourage Two-Way Communication

Not all communication needs to be two-way, but there must be a bigger emphasis on some back-and-forth. For example, by choosing the right IM tool you may encourage your employees to ask questions or voice their opinions helps them feel empowered and thus create greater performance for your business. So, how do you make sure you’re creating the right communication platform between superiors and subordinates?

To set up recurring meeting between employee’s and manager two way communications is must. So, beyond written communication set up an in-person meeting or video conference by using the instant messenger software.

Schedule a Mandatory Weekly or Daily Check-In

Since 2017, I have been working from home, once you go virtual, you don’t go back. Despite not being in office, I still want to see my colleagues’ and need to connect with them frequently. To do that, video conferences are the best way.

Organizing a video call for 10-15 minutes with the specific agenda can make everyone to get clarity regarding the specific project and has lot of advantages. By this way, team members can stay connected; keep communication channels open to share their view and make sure everyone works in the loop.

Accordingly, video call reduces the distractions and keeps everyone focused than the audio call.

Ask open-ended questions as much as possible:

  • What makes you struggle with last week?
  • At what platform you will work well?
  • How do you work smarter on this project?
  • What are your goals for the coming week?

So, for at least 10-15 minutes or once a week you can dive to ask more open-ended questions.

Organize Unique Team-Building Activities

Did you cringe as you read that? Don’t! Actually, this is an excellent way to boost communication within your workplace. But, do you think what make sense behind this? Organizing weekly fun activities like a pizza, card games or any other engaging activities allow employees to relax, chit chats and get to know their potential. Also, some employees may feel awkward for conducting a team building events during work hours. So, why can’t you try something unique using the instant messenger?

To create proximity between team members, there are plenty of virtual team-building activities. For example, all the team members can connect with the video conference and talk about the photos of themselves, their families, life incident, pets, etc. This makes everyone in the group to learn a little more about their colleagues, even when they work in outstation.


With all the above-mentioned tactics, hope you had learned how to create skilled communications out of your employees and yourself. At last,, that’s the goal for us, but you’ll need to predict out which works well and doesn’t and tweak it accordingly. After this, sit back and watch your strategy will starts creating magic round the corner.

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