ExpoMarketing is a trusted exhibit design and fabrication house that has had the pleasure of working with various brands. The company boasts of a team of experts with enough experience in designing trade show booths with a creative edge. Besides, the exhibit design and fabrication firm has a friendly and reliable customer service that works with you closely to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Here are the five steps of the process of making trade show booths used by ExpoMarketing:

  1. Explore their portfolio

First, the company gives you a chance to explore their collection, which offers an extensive look into a variety of options that the company is proud to provide you. With their fully customizable rental booth, you can also request to have the graphics of your brand on anything you see on the portfolio.

  1. Getting To Know You

Once you explore the portfolio, Expo Marketing holds a discussion with you to learn where you will be exhibiting, your overall budget, your preferred booth size and the goals that you want to achieve. This allows them to understand your brand more, which ensures that they design a booth that is more impactful on your trade show.

  1. Provide a Design CheckList

After knowing about your brand and your expectations, the design and fabrication house sends a design checklist. The checklist helps them to understand the company and the design look that you want. Once they review your checklist, one of their designers contacts you to confirm that the details that you have provided for final approval.

ExpoMarketing works on ensuring that your booth is on-brand to enable it to represent your company effectively on the floor of the trade show since brand consistency is crucial. With their keen approval process, it is likely to have inconsistencies between the booth design and brand identity.

  1. Project Management/Approval Proposal

After all the details have been ironed out, the company will then send you a proposal for you to confirm the details of the project by appending your signature. The proposal features the design, shipping, pricing, and labor, though you can choose to outsource work and shipping if that is what you prefer.

The price on the proposal is the amount that you are required to pay and thus there no surprise charges. Nevertheless, there could be additional costs if you decide to add more furniture, graphics or hanging sign, but in a different proposal.

  1. Building and Staging

Once the ExpoMarketing approve your custom graphics, they will print them and build the necessary components and structures. The company will then send a video once the booth is complete for your approval to ensure that you are fully satisfied with their work. However, you can as well see your finished booth in person if you are in the area around the workshop.


ExpoMarketing uses a process that engages you in every step to ensure that you get what you want for your company and allow have peace of mind. The approach provides brand consistency, which means that the identity of your brand is well represented.

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