Authority is best understood when it is exercised.

Every company needs to exercise its authority in its premises and sometimes, even outside. Exercising authority enhances the corporate status of your company and improves its credibility. One way for a company to express and exercise its authority is through customized self-inking stamps.

Ways to Stamp Your Company’s Authority Using Self-Inking Stamps

We are not kidding when we say this. How can a small self-inking stamp help a company in stamping its authority? Here are the answers

  1. Render All Important Communication Official

Hundreds of letters of correspondence and communication are sent from an office every day. But the important ones always carry your company’s seal or stamp. This stamping renders the communication strictly official and provides its some authority.

The content of a stamped letter is taken more seriously, its instructions are implemented and its rules adhered to.

Self-inking stamps help to add some gravity and importance to office communication.

  1. Adds Power to Official Notices

If you carefully observe, all official notices carry the official seal or stamp. This is mandatory for all official notices and this practice is followed in all government offices, schools, and colleges, financial and legal institutions and even in the retail sector. It’s not just one person, but an entire corporation. This entity gives more weight and power to the document.

With a stroke of a pen or a corporate stamp, communication is turned from just a piece of paper into an important, often powerful document. A stamp lends seriousness and credibility to the whole affair.

Self-inking stamps make the official notice appear more powerful and ensure that they are taken seriously.

  1. Identifies who is in Charge

Important letters from the office have an “authorized signatory” seal. Agreements, contracts, legal and financial documents all have to be endorsed by the authorized signatory at the office. Only the person holding that position is empowered to sign under this seal.

This stamp adds an enormous responsibility to the person who is the authorized signatory. This means, that the person who signs is also partly responsible for the contents of the letter and he/ she must be ready to face the consequences of the same.

Self-inking stamps, thus, identify the person in charge to be contacted in the event of a dispute and held responsible for any litigation.

  1. Acts as Proof and Confirmation of Receipt

When a courier delivers letters to any office, he/she seeks your company seal under the “received” column. Thus, your company seal is the sign of official acknowledgement of the receipt of the letter.

In case of any dispute, none can claim that the letter was not received. Your company seal on the waybill copy or courier chart is proof that the letter was received indeed.

Self-inking stamps are a sign of company authority and that they have received the message and heard it loud and clear.

  1. Adds Credibility to Your Company’s Communication

Quotations, invoices, purchase orders and receipts- all must be stamped with your company stamp, also known as a seal or emblem.  None of the financial, legal or government-related correspondence will be termed valid unless they carry your company seal. Similarly, even project proposals, minutes of the meeting etc. require the official seal.

Some people are under the impression that sending the correspondence on a letterhead makes it official. Letterhead can be stolen and misused. This is why all official correspondence requires stamping.

Self-inking stamps add credibility to your company’s correspondence and render them reliable.

  1. Proof of Authenticity

Consider 2 documents or tenders- one with your company stamp and one without. The one with the stamp is considered authentic and taken into consideration.

For all legal and financial matters, your company’s stamp is proof of its authenticity.

A self-inking stamp is considered as your company’s official signature and it stamps your company’s authority on all valid correspondences. Get off the fence. It’s time to invest in some self-inking stamps if you haven’t already.

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