Security is the main thing in everyday life. If it’s not safe, want to move anything would not be comfortable.
Included in financial terms. Lately online loan trends are getting more prominent. Only by processing through the Internet, loans can be obtained.
Simple, anyway. But, the question, is not safe?
The question is natural. Because the virtual world is very broad and complicated to be understood in a day and night.
Risks and threats are many, from spammers who like to send links not clear until hackers who break into credit card people. If not careful, instead of being able to benefit, we can even be affected.
For online loans, which is often a problem is personal data that has been given abused, for example sold to credit card marketing. In addition, the lending system violates the rules to the detriment of the borrower.
Loan Rules
In terms of loan rules, the government actually has Bank Indonesia as a controlling lending institution. Not to mention there is a Financial Services Authority (FSA) who served as supervisor.
So, people will feel safe when borrowing to an official institution. The problem is, not a few sites online who claimed to borrow funds but it turned out to be pretend.
If the installment loans site has FSA supervised, the heart can be calm
They became moneylenders online. It works to lure people on loan with a small installment but it turns out the mechanism even make it difficult.
Moneylenders can casually set lending system because there is no one watching. Unlike the official institution like a bank, which is the closely watching by FSA.
FSA has a list of agencies they supervise. So, we should look for institutions that have been registered in FSA if you want to borrow funds online.
Official and Non-Official Differences
The official agencies as described above should be registered with FSA. In addition, they comply with the rules of all Bank In the World .
To see if the lending institution is official, check a few things on its website, including:
– Office address
If the “contact us” or “contact” is only provided a phone number, we should be vigilant. The official institution must have a physical office even if it provides services online.

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