Your clients probably get a lot in the mail. When you ship something to clients, does it stand out among the other boxes and envelopes they received that day? When you want to be sure your brand packs a punch, implement the following when you package and ship your goods.

Use Custom Shipping Boxes

A boring box is just a boring box, and some people may not remember what’s inside until they open it. With custom shipping boxes Portland OR, everyone will know exactly what was delivered.

If your product is particularly exciting, everyone in the office will be thrilled to see the box come through. If your product is particularly useful, everyone could be equally as thrilled to see the package arrive. Custom boxes are also memorable, so the next time your clients need something similar, they’ll be more likely to look you up first.

Throw In Some Coupons

If your clients like your products, chances are they’ll order again. If you throw in a few coupons when you ship their current products, that could increase the chances they go back to your company when they need something. Make the coupons good, with deals they’ll actually want to use.

Add a Promotional Item or Bonus Gift

Everyone loves a good surprise, so add something special to your packages. If you sell women’s clothing, you could put in a pair of free earrings to match the contents of each package you ship. If you sell office supplies, toss in a nice stapler. You could also add a voucher for a free item under $20 or a gift card to a business that complements yours nicely.

While the key to business success is often said to be “location, location, location,” there are a lot of things to add to that in this day of digital business and online orders. To make your product stand out, try custom shipping boxes, coupons and promotional items.

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