When you’re starting your business, you have so many expenses that you’re not sure how you’ll ever make a profit. You apply for loans, but it’s hard to receive approval without years of good credit history. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy all the supplies you need right away. Save yourself some start-up capital by renting these items or paying another company to complete certain tasks for at least the first few years.

Delivery Vehicles

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a fleet of vans with your company’s name on them. While it’s nice to own your vehicles, it’s not necessary during your first months. Hire drivers through a temporary agency or look into utility trailer rental Everett WA. Whether you hire drivers or rent vehicles, make sure that you and your contractor are aware of each other’s policies. Don’t forget to sign a contract stipulating who is liable if an accident happens.

Rarely-Used Equipment

Every job seems to require one piece of equipment that you don’t need for any other task and won’t need again for several months. Look carefully at the terms of renting versus buying each machine. However, it is probably more cost-effective for you to rent infrequently-used tools.

Printing Jobs

You need to print banners, brochures, and contracts, and your small office printer isn’t capable of the quality you want. Rather than investing in expensive printers, contact your local print shop and establish a business relationship. While you must send your files a few days before you need paper copies, you have access to higher-quality printing at a lower cost than if you bought a professional machine.

When you look at your budget and can’t figure out how to make ends meet, identify jobs that can be completed by someone else’s work or machinery for a lower price.

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