We Spend as much time assisting our missionary prepare clothing, bicycles, scriptures, reading stuff, sneakers, and anything else we frequently neglect to get an organized method to keep tabs on them while they’re gone. The Mission Tracker is the best way to keep an eye on your missionary while they’re away serving the Lord.

The assignment Tracker is a comprehensive plaque which shows your Mormon missionaries title and assignment, current address, present letter and images, and a current map and calendar to show where and how long they’ve been out.

The assignment tracker has some distinctive features which other missionary plaques frequently exit. There are many different place cards so you may continue to keep the exceptional type of this tracker while your Mormon missionary affects regions.

Additionally, it has a calendar Which You Can pull out and indicates off for each day your missionary is away serving the Lord. Among the coolest features, however, is your map. Each map is a color version of this one that you received on your missionary’s package.

It comes together with a cork board with a few colored tags. Every tag represents another place your missionary served in. This way it is possible to tag up all of the different regions on the map and color code them together with the area cards along with the calendar if you’d like.

All in all of the assignment tracker is an enjoyable way to keep an eye on your kid’s experience and reside their adventures together. Checkout for shoes for missionaries at Missionshoe.

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