Are you struggling to promote your business?
Here are some of the tricks to achieve it by the influencers. Influencers are the best part to promote our business through social media with their followers and the number of likes per post they update.
Even you can buy B2B atabase from the best database providers in the market, so your work will become easier.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one type of marketing that focuses on the specific key resource to take your brand to a large number of consumers.
This can help you to avoid directly targeting a large group of consumers.
Influencers marketing become more essential nowadays. Influencer’s the user on social media network or other platform who has the system of believed in the specific industry and make a brand-awareness through the social media platforms. Influencers outsourcing can be done through social media platforms like Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc.
Especially on Instagram, you can reach a high value and also it becomes one of the popular due to the number of reaches they getting for the post.
Many celebrities make branding for companies through their social network strength. Branding and promoting of every organization is needed to achieve or capture the end-customer.

Types of Influencers

  1. Macro influencer
  2. Micro influencer
  3. Nano influencer

Let see some brief details of the three types,

1.      Macro influencers

Influencer marketing is exercise control over the marketing industry!
Macro-influencer’s are someone who has the huge amount of followers through the social media and where connect them with their post and they have followers range from 55,000 to 350,000 on a specified group of social media network (or) channels. Their connection will be always high-quality and is made up of cause to follow a passion of theirs.
Influencers with up to 1million followers can get $10,000 per post depending upon the platforms and where YouTube influencers charge more.

2.      Micro influencers

Micro-influencers are someone who has a small number of followers compared to macro. They have the range of 1000 to 100,000 followers and the price also slightly less than macro and they may charge $1,000 per post
It also can vary in accounting of the social media channel.
Micro-influencers also can be good to choose where we can cover a huge range of can target an exact and clear range of audiences.

3.      Nano influencers

Nano influencers are who has the small range of followers with their family and surrounding of their place. It is not a good idea to choose Nano influencers and they have poor knowledge and inexperienced working with brands and you can avoid this type of influencer.
They usually have a maximum of 10,000 followers and the amount ranges from $100 per post.
For branding of your business, you can choose the macro influencer or startup company that can take micro-influencer which can help you to push-up to one more step for success.

Choose Right Influencers to Database

Choosing influencers is a big task and needs to have huge-patient and avoiding fake users who have robotic followers and comments on their posts.
Use specific keywords for the search of which can help you to find the perfect one as keywords like database, marketing, entrepreneurs can give more advanced to reach the good one.
Try to find the user value and analyze the comments and the followers reacting to the information they delivered. If it sounds good for you and make a connection with the influencer.
Try to find influencers rather than advocate because advocates who promote your brand and tell people to try it. On coming to B2B, influencers are the best choice who can do the promotion and brand awareness to the people and make them to approach our brand. Give important to one who can do all the things you want for your brand.
Filter them with their engagement percentage and more than 1% of engagement rate is suitable for branding.
Here are some of the Top tools which can help you to find the influencer’s and where we can filter accounting to need of our necessity.

  • Hype author
  • Social bakers
  • Influncersmarketinghub
  • Ninja outreach
  • Buzz Stream
  • Awario
  • ly

Will it help to Increase the Traffic to Website?

Lead Generation and increase the traffic to the websites also done by posting our information by the influencers through social media platforms. The number of followers and the engagement rate of the influencer can drive us to increase the traffic to the particular website from the post they generate. We cannot directly approach the group of audience but, with the help of the influencer’s can do. As though we are doing paid marketing cannot make us completely approach the users and because of the technology growth like Instagram influencers can connect them and promote our branding.
Lead generation is the biggest task for every B2B and B2C database and which can be done through paid and engaging with groups of the particular domain helps us to approach huge audience but when writing content, info graphic, video posts can make one more niche to our business and which can directly take to the audiences. Influencer marketing helps to do both lead generation and increase the traffic to our websites.


Influencer marketing plays an important role to do the branding and targeting the audience for the business purpose. This can help you to grow your business perfectly. No matter, which field you’re the influencer outreach is essential for awareness of the particular brand and push-up of the products.
Now-a -days advertising becomes more costly before ever because of the digital world and the customers has stop trust in brands than another person. Now it’s become person to person, they believe what they convey.
I have given some of the ideas and platforms where you can find the influencer and helps you to enrich your business. Hopefully, the information and tricks in this article helps you.
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Promoth Babu is a Digital Marketer working in Kapsystem and also takes a step in the Blogging, Graphic Design and he love to learn thinks to update and make valuable skills to his lifeline. He loves to do whatever he learns.
Whatever it is,
Try and if you fail, try again and fail again but don’t quit!

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