Going for dedicated server hosting means you take good care of the reputation of your business and you are ready to put in your money in getting a reliable server hosting solution. Both Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS server hosting have their very own advantages and disadvantages. In the same way, they have their own prominent features that segregate one hosting type from another. We will be going through short information of both these hosting types below.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS server hosting involves the use of a virtual server that works in the form of a dedicated server but is available within an affordable budget. Virtual servers are generally shared between very few users. This type of hosting generally involves different websites being hosted on the same server. However, there is a hypervisor that prevents one site from creating trouble for the other site.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting involves the use of a remote server that remains completely dedicated to just one single application, website or network. All the different resources of a dedicated server are available to be used by just one user or for one single operation.

There are several Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud VPS Server hosting companies in and they all work with the objective of creating a dependable environment that allows the users to develop their respective businesses calmly and without being distracted by any other sort of support. In the arena of Cloud VPS server hosting solutions, you will find that all the VPS servers in are connected to important European highways at the speed of 1 GBPS. Also, there are internet connections and backup power mechanisms. Apart from these features, there is protection from DDoS at datacenter level.

Why do you need dedicated server?

Dedicated servers come as the best solutions for large projects and businesses that require a large amount of resources. However, here it is important to note that simply buying a Linux VPS server hosting plan or a Windows VPS server hosting plan is not sufficient. It is important to support the server. This is the reason why businesses that have this requirement of staying online every minute of their very existence generally for the dedicated server hosting plans available for more than 35 Countries. All the data centers by hosting providers are built by the N+1 plan which speaks of internet connection and single backup power line. Crews or professionals working for server hosting companies in are fully trained and they have the potential to handle all kinds of emergencies.

The Benefits

The datacenters generally host both affordable and powerful servers with specialized Enterprise-level servers and IntelCore CPUs featuring ECC memory and Intel Xeon CPUs. This is the reason why German servers have gained huge popularity among large companies that are in need of corporate portals; online stores of all levels; consulting firms that have this obligation of storing and processing huge data and developers who are in need of hosts for their projects.      

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