Well, you have done it; you have started your own business, and it is time to look for office space. What are the recommendations for choosing a good office space to work out of? How do you know if you are making the best deal you can for the amount of money you are spending?
Renting or leasing office space can be both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Exciting as you have finally made it; you are an entrepreneur. Overwhelming, because there are so many decisions that go into operating a business and finances are one of the most delicate.
Keep reading and you will be informed of the top three tips on choosing a good office space for your company.
Negotiable Contract
Office space rentals happen every day to small business owners, small to medium enterprises (SME), as well as multimillion-dollar corporations. Everyone is looking for the same requirements, a negotiable lease. Having a contract that has the option of being broken with no ramifications would be a sweet deal, but not very many proprietors want to make that occur, as they would lose their investment. There is a way to obtain a month-to-month lease with a reputable company in the virtual office solutions world. For a one-month security deposit, you can utilise an executive suite in a virtual office at Servcorp.
A virtual office is a shared office that you can use as needed. You have boardrooms as well as a fully stocked office and telephone line. It is an excellent starting point for a new business owner or someone who is trying to expand their business.
Business-Friendly Location
Another rule when looking for a rental space is to choose a business-friendly location. This could be in the heart of the business district within your major city, or it could be in another industry-laden area of your town. You want to make sure you set up shop in a safe area that clients will not be afraid to come to. You also want to make sure the area you choose has some sort of a view, such as overlooking a river or ocean. Nevertheless, who can afford that as a small business owner?
If you want a beautiful view and to be in the upscale business district of your city, investigate the virtual business services of Servcorp. They offer executive suites that you can use daily to be productive in your business as well as providing gorgeous views of Lake Michigan in Chicago and the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast.
The last rule when looking for a great rental space is to choose somewhere that has amenities. By checking into Servcorps virtual office solutions, you would see the multiple benefits of signing a contract with them. In addition to beautiful views out your office window, you will have a massive, beautiful desk with mahogany or another type of high-end wood finish. Your flooring will be tile and granite countertops would make your office elegant and prestigious. A dedicated receptionist to greet your guests as well as answer the phones also comes with the package. Free coffee and tea are also an added bonus.
Why is Choosing an Office Rental so Critical When Starting Out?
As the little guy, you do not have many resources to put into signing a two to three-year contract for a traditional style office space. Not only do you set yourself up for a three-year lease, but you also have to furnish that space, set up internet and telecommunication services, as well as hire staff. All of these benefits are included in virtual office solutions with Servcorp. You receive an executive suite to use with all the amenities for a fraction of the price!

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