Automation of business processes is an indispensable condition for the transition of an enterprise into the era of digital transformation. To keep positions in a modern business environment with dynamically changing conditions, companies need management tools that allow changing and adapting processes flexibly.

Digital technologies are rapidly breaking into all spheres of life of modern society and forcing the business to radically change the approach to managing the organization whose objects have become elements of a single information space. Paper processes have sunk into oblivion because of the inability to provide a full picture of the business.

5 tools to help streamline your business

We have compiled a list of the 5 most interesting and effective tools for managing business processes that allow you to create and change processes on the fly.

  1. Bpm’online

A single platform for automating marketing, sales and services based on CRM + BPM technologies. This sales management software implements the ability to model business processes of any complexity:

There is a visual designer of the processes for the construction of traditional structured enterprise processes. The designer has ready-made elements for creating activities, processing data, calling external services and so on. To build flowcharts, the system uses the BPMN notation.

  • The system has a module DCM for building and managing adaptive (dynamic) business processes.To configure the process, it is enough to add key stages and possible steps on each of them and the process will be ready for work. If necessary, the sequence of steps and stages can be changed using drag-n-drop.
  • Ready processes can be used for business process automation. Schemes are contained in a separate section – business process library.

  1. Storekeeper

A system designed to automate the accounting of goods in a warehouse with the functionality of a full-fledged CRM system. In a single database, you can keep a record of leads, orders, customers and shipments of goods. The system has a built-in barcode scanner, as well as a mechanism for categorizing goods using analytical selection groups.

The application allows you to fully automate the workflow: all warehouse accounting documents (income, expenditure, inventory, transfers, etc.) are stored in the system.

  1. HRM

HRM for Bpm’online is a system specifically developed for HR departments to automate their work with candidates and vacancies. It allows you to have access to a complete history of work with vacancies, detailed information recording on work done with vacancies from its posting to closing, applicant selection from a system database, screening and downloading an applicant’s resume from a website, as well as a complete history of interaction and detailed description of candidates.

  1. Advertising

This industry specific solution to automate business processes for advertising agencies and outdoor advertising is an irreplaceable sales management software system. It allows you to manage sales reps based on the specifics of advertising agency, while out-of-the-box business processes ensure the collaboration and exchange of information and documents among different participants.

  1. LEXIA

LEXIA powered by bpm’online is used to effectively manage the law firm of any size.

It allows you to keep record of all stakeholders and all project documents, manage the              calendar deadlines and the quality of project results and calculate the efficiency of each case and the company as a whole, plan and monitor the activities, as well as analyze the results of completed projects. It is also an irreplaceable tool for managing time, knowledge, finances, contacts and accounts, as well as document flow.

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