In modern times, Small businesses are making their way to the next level. It is arguably true that technology such as cloud computing, mobility, social and as well as big data analytics helping out small business (SMBs) to do more with less. No doubt, having all the latest resources also brings opportunities and responsibilities. The fashion in the small business of “bring your own device” (BYOD) is widely popular these days. Because, the main reason behind implementing that type of strategy –security is the part of the plan.

According to the International Data Corporation

The small businesses worldwide dramatically spending on the security technology is increasing, and the expenses have passed almost $ 5.6 billion in the current year. So, they are focusing on the SMBs security by using the technological tools that enable the small business owners to protect their business and enable them to take it on the hallmark.

Sates shows that

The rise and the rise in Cyber-crime has reportedly cost economy almost 445 billion, the Center for strategic and international studies stated that. Let’s discuss all the vulnerabilities that can put your business in danger and possibly your business come to an end.

Cyber Crimes

In the last year, ransomware-cyber-attacks-worlds have been fallen the online security of the world. The numbers of large and small business organizations have become the victims and they have to lose plenty of confidential documentation. According to the media organizations, major countries such as China, America, India, Russia, and others also became the victims of the cyber-criminals. The small businesses are the soft targets for the online criminals because most of the business firms don’t bother to take precautionary measures when it comes to the online security of the business.

Human Error

Employees are the ones who often put their hands on such type of malicious links while working on the company’s owned machines and getting access and track employee emails and IM’s. Almost 95% of the breaches take place from human error through well-disguised phishing scams. They may use the company’s owned machines such as cell phones and windows and MAC computer machines for personal reasons and often get the encounter with the scams that breach the company’s laptops and desktop machines and the private data evaporated. There are also possible chances that the employees in the small business firm download and use vulnerable apps. That kind of activities from the employees may create multiple entry points for possible braches and become the reason of hijacking information and even spy onprivate data stored in the devices and as well as business meetings and calls.
Black hat hackers

The black hat hackers are the ones that are fully aware of the fact that the small businesses SMBs have less security compare to the larger business setups. Therefore, they setup highly sophisticated assaults on the target small business and get all the information stored in the company’s owned machines. Once they have got their hands on the victim’s intellectual property, they manipulate them or to sell them in black market to get the handsome amount in return.

Time wasting activities of the employees

It is a very common thing we have mostly seen in the business firms that employees Use Company have owned devices for the sake of entertainment within the working hours. They play online games, social media apps and make conversations on messenger installed on the cell phone and computers. At the end, the productivity starts declining and the employer has to face losses.

Secure your small business with spy app

No matter what type of online threats your business have the cell phone and computer monitoring app is the best option to protect your business from all online dangers. You just need to use it and protect your small business data to the fullest. A user can create data backup by installing the windows and MAC spying software. Once you have used it, all the data stored into the device will sync into the web portal and have any kind of adventure, a user can get back all the data by getting access into the dashboard. A user can get screenshots of the activities happen on the windows and MAC laptops remotely. It further enables a user spy on emails employees’ gets access to the target machine with the help of computer surveillance app.
A user can record incoming and outgoing calls on the company’s provided cell phones to the employees by using the spy on calls of the cell phone spy software. A user can block all the inappropriate websites on the computer device by using the website blocking of computer spying app. A user can get time-to-time user-friendly reports with the help of windows tracking software to all the activities made by the employees on the machine.
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