We offer loans to all our clients whether they have a good or bad credit history. Our team offers amazing and quality services to all our customers. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that the loan application process is fast and simple to meet all your expectations.
Terms and Conditions

  1. We offer an interest rate of 34.4% to all our clients. This is attributed to the Annual percentage rate (APR) of the 28% to 32% of the borrowed amounts and a $0.50 transaction fee for all loans requested.

Example: A loan of $500 yields an interest of $250. This totals to $750 including all the accompanying fees and interest rates. What a real deal!

  1. Renewals are offered to all our clients by ensuring that they can renew their loans after some given time to enable them to repay an existing loan before engaging themselves in paying a new loan.
  2. Reimbursement of loans is made easier to our esteemed clients by offering a payment schedule of 90 to 120 days based on the clients’ loan payback frequency. Reimbursement can be easier if high payments are made thus saving the clients interest.
  3. All missed payments at Captaincash.ca shall be postponed until the termination of the project. A charge of $45 will be issued due to inadequate finance as to the terms and conditions of the contract. This degrades your credit score with us. A charge of $25 which is added to the termination of the contract is attached to any customer who calls 48 hours earlier to delay payments. You will make great renewals with early payment of loans.
  4. We offer responsible practices for collection of loans. Our agents use sundry of methods to collect our loans. Terminated payments accrue interests on the total loan balance. All legal fees should be paid by the borrower to clear the balance. The law is hence used to prosecute all unrecovered debts.
  5. All loan applications with us are screened to ascertain if the borrower has enough income to repay his or her loan. This involves:
  • Checking if the monthly salary is able to pay back the loan.
  • Checking if you do not have enough money for your expenses.
  • Checking whether you lack many pre-authorized payments deposited in your bank account.

A loan application is forbidden if one or all of the above are encountered.

  1. It is advisable to borrow responsibly any type of loan during times of hardship. This is because the interest rate is high than that of local banks. Online loans by Captaincash should be borrowed with high responsibility with the assurance of good capital to pay back the loan. A customer is advised not to take many loans as it may lead to financial constraints which will be difficult to bear.
  2. All our esteemed customers should know that it’s not a guarantee to get a loan because you have just applied for ourloan directly. You should be eligible for the loan. Our guidelines for eligibilityof the loans should be read keenly. Once your loan application is fully filled, our agents get back to you through a telephone call.


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