Sales promotion is one of the vital aspects of marketing. The use of promotional gifts is the standard practice while conducting sales campaigns and events. The objective of giving promotional gifts is not only to enhance the visibility of the product but also to maintain Goodwill with the customers. So, promotional gifts are vital to a company’s marketing process.

Types of promotional plastic pens

  1. Ballpoint pens

ballpoint pens are the most popular one among promotional plastic pens. This is because their ink is indelible and doesn’t get smudged  or erased easily. This ink is oil based and hence it is difficult to remove from paper unless one uses an eraser or a whitener. Ballpoint pens help us to write their rolling action. They are easily available and marginally priced and so can be procured in bulk

  1. Gel pens

For those who wish to have a fluidity in writing,  gel pens are the best. These Pens are immensely popular because of the ease with which the ink flows on to  the paper.  Gel pens have water based ink and this is the reason why one is able to get a free flow of ink on. Gel pens are sought-after as they are available in different coloured inks offering a rich output for writing.

  1. Felt tip pens

These pens are so called because they have a writing tip made up of a group of fibres joined together to form a felt nib. Felt tip pens write almost like markers giving the feel of a sketch pen.  They use an alcohol- based ink for giving this output. They are also reasonably priced and easily available and easily available.

  1. Roller ball pens

Rollerball pens function almost like ballpoint pens in that they have rolling effects while writing. But in contrast to the ordinary ball pens they use a water based ink. This gives a smooth flow of writing

  1. Marker pens

Marker pens are used to highlight text or to describe the text in a special manner using a different coloured ink. Marker pens are somewhat like sketch pens but unlike them, they do not smudge the text which they mark.

Marker pens come in in four varieties depending upon the ink used water pigment alcohol oil. Water and pigment ink marker pens can be used on paper. alcohol based marker pens can be used on other surfaces like glass metal plastic wood etc.Marker pens are slightly costlier than ballpoint or gel pens.

  1. Stylus pens

Stylish pens are the in-thing in the market because they can be used to enter text on mobiles notepads laptops etc. they have a touch sensitive tip that is used to write it on touchscreen devices.

Stylus pens are 2- in-1 writing devices. One end of it as a regular pain while the other acts as a stylus.

With this kind of pen scrolling, entering and highlighting text is easy on computer devices. Stylus pens prevent fingerprints, scratches and smudging of the computer screens

7 Grip pens

Pens are those that focus on providing  writing comfort to the user . They have sleeve of rubber that the writer holds on to while writing. For people who write a lot, this is of great use as the sleeve prevents the skin of the fingers from being chaffed.

  1. Novelty pens

Companies who want to make a mark using sales promotion generally give promotional gifts like pens during their campaigns and contests. Yeah that the Novelty pens come of great use because their design is unique and creative. Novelty pens come in different shapes representing the brand and they are very attractive and appealing to the customer.Due to their customised shape Novelty pens are definitely costlier than the other type of promotional pens

Of the different types of promotional gifts available in the market promotional plastic pens are the best-easy to procure,  easy to brand and economical in value.

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