Our doors, be they business, apartment and hotel doors, protect us from unwanted intruders. However, doors are not effective if they can’t keep the bad guys out. Safe doors, on the other hand, use security chains, alarms, deadbolt locks and door strike reinforcers to keep unwanted people out of your dwelling. Keep in mind; the most effective safe doors are made of metal or solid hardwood. 

Types of Security Doors 

Safe doors come in various styles and types. There are cast iron grille doors, decorative grilles, stainless steel security wire doors and small diamond grille. If you choose a stainless-steel security wire door, you will have the highest degree of protection. This door has a three point locking system and is fit with stainless steel and heavy steel mesh. It is almost impossible to break through. However, it is the most expensive option.

Tips on Choosing a Supplier 

Before choosing your door, there are several tips that will help you make the best choice on where to buy one. First, find out everything you can about the firm. Look at the Commercial Register and find out about the firm’s registered capital. It is important that the doors are installed by the company’s employees; those who have a verified background and proven experience.

In addition, request certificates individually for the door you have chosen; you want a certificate that goes with only the door you have chosen. Most importantly, choose the security class. There are six security classes for doors. For example, for an apartment, house or company, doors in security class 3 or 4 work the best. Security classes 1 and 2 give only minimal protection and doors in security classes 5 and 6 are only used for the military and police. Different doors can protect from everything from rain to hurricanes, just know what you are shopping for before starting your search.

What are the Advantages of Secure Doors? 

Besides feeling safe and secure in your home, there are other benefits of these doors such as improving your home security. Keep in mind; they have a strong and tough frame. These doors also last longer than other doors. Locks are another important part of these doors. Heavy-duty keyed locks and a deadbolt offer solid security.

Other Advantages 

Having a strong secure door also makes a bold statement. They give a good impression that your home is secure, and it may be a deterrent to potential intruders. Research has shown that intruders see safe doors as too much of a barrier to even attempt to get in. Also, secure doors add value to your home. Most importantly, secure doors will save you money on your home insurance and will add value to your home should you want to sell your home in the future. 

To conclude, our doors, be they business, apartment and hotel doors, protect everyone inside from unwanted intruders. Visit your home improvement store soon and find out more!

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