Stocks are a significant part of investors’ life. It is a crucial platform of investment that can make or break lives. It requires a unique and elaborate way of understanding, integrity, and love to stick and make the best out of every opportunity that knocks the door. Stock markets provide excellent shots to those who can get the signals right. Stocks are specific to firms and companies. The jmia stock at  shows and displays the stock rates of jmia. Apart from the price stocks, they also help people to know the variation, message rate changes, sold equity, held equity, and much more. It further helps the investors get an insight.


The jmia group or Jumia Technologies AG is a German e-commerce service provider for the African market. It allows buying or selling or products and services amongst them for the general and popularly used accessories. They include products for every customer range and keeping in mind their interests, needs, and wants. It helps to supply items of clothing, both branded and non branded, sunglasses, belts, beauty products, and many more. They work on providing other fashion commodities that might interest people and keep them well set into the trends.

Stock specifications

The stock details speak a lot about the jmia stock and help the investors to know about the firm. The details are:

  • The shares of the firm have reduced by 6.05% and have come down to the current equity price of 4.35. The average value of stock accounts to be 5.04.
  • The highest selling price is 9.04, and the lowest over the year has gone down to 3.13.
  • It started with high energy and the highest peak, and the graph has diminished in values and has seen its lowest in the past few months.
  • With high market capital and investors available, it strives to bring back the graph higher than before.

Stock markets change withing seconds. One can lose or gain chances in a fraction of seconds. They are equally subjected to risks as they are to gains. These can often be a threat to those who play in the market blindly. Looking into the company profile and the stock graph of at least a few years can help gain a stable idea about if investing in a particular firm is worth the cash. Opting for the right firm, along with the right platform, is equally essential. An appropriate advisor, if any, can elevate and boost the chances of profits and save a person from losing their financial assets.  You can also check nke stock at .

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