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Designing a very attractive product display is very important in drawing clients to your point of focus, announcing the sale, and even highlighting special offers.

The display bridges the gap between the retail store and clients decision to buy, please note that a custom retail fixture is a must. For those with stores that have windows facing the street, this is a golden opportunity to call clients and drive sales.

Whether your store is located along the street with lovely windows or on a corner, there are great ways of using visual merchandising to draw clients and persuading them to buy.

The main components of effective visual merchandising

The components help to bring out the theme of the season, highlight latest arrivals, and make clients keep exploring the store.

  • Balance: Make sure to drive an asymmetrical balance to make clients wonder why items are located in specific sections. The more a client takes in a store, the more he will explore.
  • Color: The color of the display is crucial in setting the feelings and mood to drive emotional connection. The main aim is helping clients visualize how colors match their objectives.
  • Focal point: Where do you want every client to visit? This might be the latest arrivals, special offers, or clearance sales section. You can achieve this using signage. For example, you can make clients flow unit-directional so that they pass by the latest arrivals.
  • Lighting: The lighting you select for the visual merchandising should help to bring out the strong points of every item. It should ascent the focal point to help clients get what you want to emphasize.
  • Signage: A signage is perhaps the most crucial thing that helps clients to find what they want faster. By directing traffic to the store, it is easy to discover all items by placing them where they pass.
  • Simplicity: Many are the times when the target clients only have a few seconds to glance at your display. Those two seconds that the client takes a glance should be enough to send a message that there is an offer, latest arrivals are available, or other high-value information. Whether inside or outside the store, make sure to keep the message simple and direct.

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