The United States offers an EB-5 visa program for those who wish to invest in the US. Because the investment benefits the US economy, foreign investors may apply for visas that allow them to reside in the US permanently. Searching for “investor visas Houston TX” may provide you with specific information on this visa, but here are a few quick things you should know.

Investment Requirement

Prior to applying for an EB-5 visa, you must invest in the US. You may invest through direct investment, such as starting a business or investing in an established business. If you invest in this way, you will own at least 50% of the business and serve as an operational manager.

You may also invest through indirect investment. Indirect investments may be made through EB-5 centers. These centers combine investor funds to complete large projects and are often much lower risk. Indirect investments may also be made to multiple companies where you are a silent investor rather than an operating manager.

In high employment areas, your investment must be at least $1.8 million, whereas low-employment or rural areas only require a $900,000 investment. These investment minimums are subject to change every 5 years to account for inflation.

Background Check

During the visa application process, the US will conduct a background check. The government will make sure neither you nor your family members have broken any US immigration laws. It will also check for criminal records.

The government will also check all your sourcing documents to determine how you earned the money you are investing. This money must come from a legal source, such as a salary, stocks or bank deposits. If you use a loan for your investment, the collateral must be disclosed and must have an equal or greater value than the loan amount. Your tax returns and other financial documents will also be reviewed.

Job Creation

Your investment must produce at least 10 full-time, permanent jobs for US employees, legal residents or green card holders.

Benefits of the EB-5

If you pass your background check and satisfy the visa requirements, you and your family, including any children under 21 years of age, will be granted permanent residency and green cards so you are able to work in the US. After you have lived here for 5 years, you and your eligible family members may apply for US citizenship.

If you seek permanent residency or citizenship in the US and you have the funds to invest in the US economy, consider pursuing an EB-5 visa.

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