When you run your own business you realise exactly how many reasons there can be to give you a sleepless night. You could be troubled by the excess debt, lack of sales, not enough revenue, problems with operations and equipment… the list is quite endless.
Your brain will always be working and your thoughts will be constantly engaged in the pursuit of finding solutions to problems. This may lead to you feeling anxious and tired.
While a one-stop guide to solve the troubles that come with business can be hard to find, it is possible to inculcate certain practices that can help you to deal with stress in better ways.

Remember What is Going Right

A stressed mind tends to focus on what is going wrong but it is in these times that you must instead try to focus on what’s going right with your business.
Looking at things that need to be fixed, are underfunded or behind schedule can further add to your stress. An effective way to combat stress in business is to remind yourself of those things that are headed in the right direction. Make a list of all the things that you have accomplished so far and all the milestones that you have achieved.
Put up this list on your desk or on a wall from where you can see it clearly. Each time you feel stress take over your mind you should take a good long look at the list.

Prioritise Your Tasks

A common reason why overstressed business owners do not get much work done is because they have so many things to work on and they do not assign priorities to their tasks.
They forget that doing a bit of everything will not help them to complete much and so it is advised that no business owner should try to do everything at once.
You should ideally focus on one or a few number of tasks at a time as that is the maximum capacity that you may have to work. You should take a note of everything that you need to complete and then assign priorities to each of your goals.
Starting from the most important task you should work your way to the bottom of the list. Also, if seeing too many tasks on your list makes you worry, you should only list down the ones that need to be worked upon immediately.


Separating professional and personal life can be a difficult thing to do for most business owners. As the owner of a business, it is natural for you to think about your business even when you’re not working and try to come up with solutions.
But you must find ways to draw a boundary and create a separation between your work and personal life. There are various ways you can go about it such as writing down everything that worries you or pursuing a hobby that takes your mind off the problems.
Compartmentalising your stress is extremely important so that it doesn’t interfere with your thoughts in your leisure time and actually helps you to relax.

Take Breaks

Constantly spinning your wheels may not help you reach anywhere and this can only make you feel more stressed. Taking a short break can be the ideal solution to prevent a burnout in a situation like this. It is perhaps the simplest stress management advice that can be given to any entrepreneur.
You should do something that relaxes you such as taking a walk, getting some coffee, calling a friend or watching a funny video. You should avoid doing anything that is even remotely related to work or business. You will have a clearer mind when you get back to work and there will be a fresh wave of energy inside you to tackle the task at hand.

Take Care of Yourself

Irrespective of whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur health should be your first priority. Running a business can take a significant toll on your health and it may get worse when you work non-stop for hours, days or weeks at a stretch without taking a long break.
You must follow a ritual that helps you to unwind in after-office hours. Don’t forget to do simple things such as drinking water, eating good and healthy food and also working out regularly.
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