If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, you may consider consulting an attorney to fight for your benefits. However, you will need to conduct research to find an Iowa workers compensation attorney. After you have a few potential attorneys, schedule in-person meetings to see if they can help you. To gain a complete understanding of your case, your lawyer will need as much information as you can give them. To help the attorney conduct the best review of your case, provide this information in a logical, organized manner.

Injury Documentation

You need to bring a detailed report of your injury, including when and where you received it. When you were injured, you should have provided a written notice to your employer, and your attorney will need to review this notice.

If your injury was witnessed by other workers or customers, your attorney will need the names and contact information of these witnesses. Finally, any photographs or video evidence you may have should be provided to your attorney.

Employment Information

Your attorney will also need your employment information, including your hire date and position title. Your job duties should also be discussed. Your supervisor’s contact information should also be provided.

Your employer may have filled out and given you a copy of your accident report. If you have this report, your attorney will need a copy. Be sure the report lists the date you notified your employer of the injury and the date the report was filled out. Any additional communication concerning the injury, such as emails, should also be shared.

To determine your possible award, provide your attorney with your recent bank statements and pay stubs from your employer.

Medical Records

Your medical records, especially those concerning your injury diagnosis and treatments, should be provided to your attorney. You should share your physician and medical center’s contact information, all the medical bills you have received for the treatment of your injury and your treatment dates and details.

Give prospective attorneys the information they need to complete a full evaluation of your claim and win your case.

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