If you manage an office, then you realize that creating the right environment can have a major impact on employee happiness and productivity. Are you interested in sprucing up your office to create a more inviting space but aren’t sure where to begin? These helpful tips can give you some ideas to get started, so you have a great space that employees will enjoy. 


Having clutter around the office can be distracting for employees and make it more difficult for them to focus and get work done. While you may feel that having an office full of decor is inviting, it can actually create stress for people who work better in cleaner spaces. Take time to declutter around the office and store unnecessary items. 

Invest in Art

A few statement art pieces can add an element of interest in the office, especially if it’s by a local artist or has meaning specific to your company. When installing your art, make sure that if it’s close to other pieces that they tie in together or they may not flow well and can make your space seem disjointed rather than zen. You can even get creative and commission a piece that speaks to your brand, locality, or mission and vision for your company. 

Be Creative with Light and Color

If your office walls are mostly neutral, break up the monotony with a few pops of color here and there. Elements of color can add personality and break up the space so it doesn’t seem quite so boring. If your company has a brand palette of colors, incorporate them into your commercial office furniture to subtly brand your space. Pair your pops of color with some decorative lighting and it will feel like you’ve created an entirely new workspace. 

Give these tips a try and you should end up with an inviting office space your employees will enjoy spending time in. 

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