Storage tanks contain vapors, organic liquids, and non-organic liquids used in the operations of an industry. They vary in sizes but are designed to fit the specific needs of every sector. The type of storage tank depends on the specialization of an industry. However, some common types include horizontal tanks, fixed-roof tanks, pressure tanks, internal and external floating tanks, and variable vapor space tanks. Water, for instance, is an integral part of every industry regardless of its specialization. Water tanks should be kept clean all the time to keep the industry safe from bacteria such as silt, scale, and biofilms. Industries ought to hire professional industrial tank cleaning services to make sure that their tanks are cleaned in an efficient, environmentally friendly and safe manner.
Efficiency in operations
A tank cleaning expert will ensure that your industry performs or operates at maximum efficiency. They inspect and clean vessels and tanks in sectors to ensure that they work as required, providing maximum efficiency in the industry’s operations. Also, they repair tanks and vessels alongside other related equipment that the industry might not be aware that they are faulty. The experts have the skills and necessary equipment required to deal with acids, chemicals or other hazardous contents in all types of tanks. Industry can also rely on the professionals to renovate or decommission tanks.
The process of cleaning industrial tanks poses an array of safety risks not only for the cleaning expert but also for employees in the industry. Some of the safety risks include exposure to hazardous substances, falls and slips. However, applying high-pressure water jets technology to clean industrial tanks aids in keeping the employees safe, preventing potential accidents, and ensuring the safety of cleaning experts all the time.
Time and cost-effective
Water jetting is a technology considered as one of the most effective techniques of tank cleaning for industries. It does not require a lot of labor as compared to other techniques that are labor intensive. Also, water jetting cleaning method for industrial tanks is not as time-consuming as other methods, which saves time for the industry to ensure that it continues with its operations usually. Water jetting technique completes the task efficiently and in no time, which lowers disposal and labor costs and reduces downtime.
Environmentally friendly
High-pressure water jetting does not pose environmental threats, unlike other forms of water cleaning methods such as those that rely on solvents. The technique is powered using a natural and clean source. That means that it does not release toxic fumes into the surroundings, which simplifies disposal.
Save on water and cleaning supplies
Indeed, you consume a lot of water when you use manual washing to clean your industrial tanks. High-pressure cleaning conserves close to 80% of water. Also, you don’t require detergents to get rid of stubborn dirt because they are removed using the intense pressure coming from the cleaning equipment.
Hydro-jetting method, also known as a water jet or water blaster is suitable to clean and do away with any build-up or blockage. The technique is handy, which makes it ideal for industrial tanks. It uses a high-pressure water pump that is connected to a nozzle, hose and trigger gun.

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