Shouldn’t you be enjoying the advantages of the energy of the future?
A comfortable energy
In the home, propane gas is used for cooking as well as heating and hot water. Also, in industry it has multiple applications. And thanks to the use of the same energy source you will benefit from cheaper billing and better control of energy consumption.
A safe energy
When correctly installed and maintained, gas appliances are extremely safe. But it is important to have a Gas Safe registered professional such as those at to carry out regular inspections, to monitor the general condition of your installation and ensure the integrity and safety of the gas supply.
An economic energy
The calorific value of propane gas exceeds that of other energies allowing a higher yield. Its flexibility offers the possibility of adjusting the temperature of devices at any time. In addition, being cleaner than other fuels, it will lengthen the life of your appliances and save on maintenance.
A clean energy
As it does not contain sulphur, the combustion of propane gas is clean, as well as emitting 20% less CO2 compared to, for example, oil-fired heating boilers, etc. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) complies with ISO 14001 standards.
An energy that arrives where others do not
Its easy and safe to transport and its storage in various types of tanks and with different capacities, allows you to use this energy in any place and situation.
In the home

  • Heating: propane gas provides heat without drying the air, adapting quickly to the needs of each room. There is a wide variety of gas boilers that have great performance and are easy to maintain.
  • Hot water: propane gas allows you to heat a large amount of water to the desired temperature in a short time. Combined with a solar installation, it will allow you to save energy and respect the environment.
  • Cooking: even the best chefs choose gas for cooking. Gas appliances are very precise and allow you to achieve the desired temperature immediately.

Commercial use
In addition to the three uses described above, propane gas is an effective, safe and cost-effective solution to power any business or company.

  • Hospitality and service sector: propane is an ideal fuel to control the desired heat, being the preferred energy source for hotels, laundries, heated swimming pools, schools, residences, hospitals, etc.
  • Agricultural sector: propane gas is effective in agriculture and horticulture, in cultivation, drying of cereals, greenhouses, and even in raising animals.
  • Industrial sector: the characteristics of propane make it a wise choice for various industrial applications; glass manufacturing, metallurgical, even in ceramics.

Gas is the energy of the future – isn’t it time you started enjoying the many benefits associated with this clean, comfortable, economical form of energy?

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