This is the brain-child of a Greek Scientist, and the application of the technology he has been instrumental in developing will be introduced San Francisco. A robotic model of a robotic company that will make hamburgers in San Francisco’s restaurant is opening in September.

The hamburger is a daily dietary option for millions of people around the world.

There are hundreds of recipes and ways to make a hamburger. Hamburger-based restaurants offer their customers lots of choices with all sorts of materials that will be served in a variety of buns. A few weeks later, San Francisco will open a new hamburger restaurant that stands out not for its different or new recipes but for the fact that burgers will be created by a robotic system.

Once an order is made, the robotic system will take action to make the hamburger and the only time a human hand will touch it will be when the employee puts it on the disk to give it to the customer.

The robotic system was created by a startup company in means of a new project and it is one of the most extraordinary creations of the year.

The five metre robotic system has 20 computers, 350 sensors and 50 mechanisms and can create any order from scratch. In fact, with its makers, the robotic system does a better hamburger than people do because it cuts vegetables more accurately and places the components more accurately. In addition, the hamburger that makes the robotic system is theoretically at least healthier in theory, because if a worker in a hamburger-making shop is patient he may want to infect them and risk sticking to the disease and the consumer.

The best burger in the world

The company aims that the customers are going to eat the best burger in the world made exclusively by specially trained Universal Robots. They are going to make special recipes based on the authentic American recipes and not only. They are also going to make vegetarian recipes and recipes from other countries. They are also going to make recipes for people who are sick and they need to eat in a special way, those who need to follow a low sugar diet, for example. There is also a big difference in the way they are going to pack those burgers in the way they are going to pack the burgers, using only recycling products. This is the way the company really tries to show the audience that their first priority is fulfilling all the people’s needs and additionally to be eco-friendly.

Certainly there may be consequences from the complete absence of man in such a space as they will all work mechanically. However, the great result of this effort is hopefully going to be that there will be no variations in orders and, of course, the hygiene of the space, will be second to none.

Perhaps some assume that this robotic entry is the beginning of lack of jobs but the evolution of the world and technology. It is erroneous to believe that evolution is the adversary of man, as their construction and maintenance requires a human presence. This presence may need to be more trained, but it does not cease to be necessary.

Let the theories of machine dominance away and keep the positive point of the hypothesis that life gets a quality and a prospective when machines can be our friends. Let them show people the way they can be unique and difference. This is the main cause of this startup company. They just want to create a unique project that is going to make people’s life easier and healthier and way more futuristic. It is hard to deny that the evolution is a part of our civilization. Without it, you could be not reading this article on your fancy smartphone now, after all.

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