If you want to run a successful email campaign, you need the right engagement with your audience through the messages that you send. There are several things you can do to ensure that your emails are the best that they can be.

1) Content Matters

The most important aspect of the emails you send to your audience is the content in those emails. Make sure you are creating the best content you can. There are some examples of content that you might want to send:

  • Helpful Articles – You could link to helpful articles within the emails that you send. Just make sure the articles are providing something of value.
  • Helpful Videos – While articles can be helpful, videos are even better. For example, you could link to a video that describes a product in greater detail. You could link to a video that shows step by step how to use a product.
  • Lists – Try to include some lists within your emails. For example, this could be a listicle or other type of list that clarifies information in an easy-to-read way.
  • Reports – You could link to a report done by your business or to business report about your industry
  • Other Links – You could link to other helpful content where people can go to get more information.

One of the best email design decisions you can make is to ensure that you’re sending the best content that you can.

2) The Subject

Make sure that your email has subjects that are easy to read and compelling. You want the person looking at the email message to click on it and read the contents. You want the subject to give them an incentive to click. You should also try to address the reader by name if you can. This shows that you have an interest in them, and you are treating them like a valued customer.

Make sure the reader understands what they’re going to be getting out of reading the email message you are sending. This is why you should spend some time crafting the right subject heading. You could use the person’s name and then indicate that there’s helpful information inside the email. Here are a couple of examples:

  • “Hello, Steve. We have some exciting information about our products. We know you’ll love it.”
  • “Dear friend. Our business is expanding, and we want to share some exciting news with you.”

A couple of examples of personalized emails. It makes the reader feel like they are important to your business. You’re addressing them in a friendly way, and they’re more likely to read your email.

3) Something for Free or Discounted

Another way to engage your readers is to offer them something for free. Give them an incentive to read your content. You can send them a free ebook, a percentage off of course, or some other free offer. This is a way to show your appreciation for the person being a part of your business. If they buy something from you, send them an email so they can receive a percentage off their next purchase. If you’re offering a lot of free content or discounts, people are going to come back and buy from you. They’re also more likely to read emails that you send.

4) Targeted

Try to send information that is targeted to a specific group that can use the content that you send. The content might be valuable to one person but not valuable to another person. You should make sure that the content you’re sending is going to be valuable to the person that is receiving it.

You can do this by capturing data about your email subscribers through the sign-up form. You can be segmented according to gender, profession, sex, geographic location, and so on. Just make sure you let the person that is signing up to your email know what you’re going to be doing with their information. You can also tailor the email according to the interests of the person that is viewing the content.

5) Storytelling

You also want to appeal to the emotions of your readers. You can do this by telling stories. You want the person to have some sort of connection to your brand. You might include a story about a person that has used your product or service before. Don’t just do any old testimonial. Try to have an interview, video, or another piece of content that highlights the individual so your reader base can get to know them better. Humor, empathy, and compassion can go a long way in growing your business. Let the reader know that you are there for them and that you can help them. Let them know that you were there to answer any questions they might have or concerns.


These are five powerful ways that you can connect with your audience. Try to be a storyteller and to create useful content for your readers. Target your information to groups that will find the content valuable. Offer something for free or on discount which will keep people coming back for more. You can get a lot of value out of your emails if you treat the reader as valuable. They will want to read your content because you’re taking an interest in them.

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