One of the most popular ways of motivating your employees is through sports. It not only improves their interpersonal relationships and communication, but it is also a fun way of creating a healthier and more successful workplace culture.
With an improved workplace environment, you will see an improvement in employee health, productivity and will also build a positive workplace atmosphere. Sports and recreational physical activity have been proven to lead to an improvement in a company’s business on a large scale.
Sports raise employee productivity and improve workplace morale, which in turn results in increased motivation and team bonding levels. The best way of breaking the monotony in a company environment is through team building. With sports, not only will your employees step away from their desks, but they will also be delighted to be a part of fun activities.
Exercising is something that many are unable to fit into their daily schedule. However, it is essential to understand that exercises increase productivity at work and ideally should be made a part of your daily routine (especially for this working generation).
By exercise, we certainly do not mean daily heavy workout sessions. A minimum of 30 minutes of daily physical activity helps to rejuvenate the mind. It goes without saying that with exercise, you also need to follow a healthy diet to maintain energy levels.
Most successful entrepreneurs believe that exercise is an essential component of their success. However, in today’s workplace culture, exercise no longer can be considered a luxury, but in fact a necessity.

The new trends and suggestions

Many companies have realised the importance of sports and social clubs on work-life balance and thus have started encouraging their employees to participate in more physical activities.
Companies have realised for a fact that the way to earn profits is through improved employee productivity, lowered hospital expenses and insurance costs, and all this can be achieved by encouraging their employees to participate in sports and do some daily exercises.
Here are five ways in which sports and social clubs impact the work-life balance

1: Building Strong Bonds

Many companies in the UK are engaging their employees in pit stop challenges , which promotes team bonding and employee engagement. If you do not want to do this, then you can always promote break time activities for your employees. It will not only empower all your employees to work as a team but will also release stress.
Creativity among your employees can be improved through group activities, where each group is given some real-life business issues to address and solve. Many corporate issues can be resolved when employees take part in such group activities.
By conducting such events, you will notice improving work relationships between people who otherwise were unlikely to communicate or actively participate in such activities. This way, your employees will learn to appreciate one another and be able to work successfully as a team.

2: Develop roles and grade better teams

When a group of employees are given the same task to perform, where everyone has the same level of knowledge and experience, you will observe the natural tendencies of individual employees. Some people are born to imitate, some are good with analysing, while others prefer the business side of the job more than the operation side.
Team activities help everyone to explore their skills, portray them in the best way possible and contribute to the team. With individual efforts and proper functioning of the team, you will see your employees succeed in their given tasks. Moreover, the feeling that they need to perform and contribute to the team will encourage them to help their co-workers in succeeding with their tasks and issues as well.
With sports, your employees will be able to show the best version of themselves, work as a team and share their strengths.

3: The effect of endorphins

Physical activity leads to the release of endorphins, which basically gives a lot of energy to the body. People feel better, have more stamina and are able to cope with their everyday tasks with ease. In case you have a huge project lined up for the coming month, it is more advisable to encourage your employees to practice some form of exercise before they start working.
The mental and spiritual benefits of including sports in your work-life schedule are just as important as the physical benefits. The clarity and energy of people training remain high, regardless of their workload and miscellaneous problems.

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