It is no secret that Google has become a commonly used verb around the world. This is the power behind having the biggest and most used search engine on the planet. But many people don’t know just how far Google goes when it comes to its ever-increasing success in world-domination. Let’s look a little deeper.
Google and social media
Let’s talk YouTube. YouTube is not only linked to but now owned by Google. This sentence in itself makes Google somewhat unavoidable as the rise of YouTube continues to be one of the fastest growing trends in modern information consumption. YouTube is linked to social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – as videos continue to be one of the most successful ways to communicate information and ideas across the web.
Google and Business
It is highly likely that if you run or help to market for a business, you will tap into Google tools to help you make the most out of your resources. With the number Google Analytics being one tool to track the success of business marketing campaigns, and Ad Words and Google Ads being one of the most utilised form of online business advertising – there’s really no avoiding it. But, why would you? Statistics show that there is much to said for these programmes when it comes to marketing success. After all, 86% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, and Google owns 71% of the search market share. The numbers speak for themselves.
Devices & Communication
Whether you’re still logging into Yahoo to check your emails, or simply accessing your text messages – somehow, somewhere, a form of device or communication tool that you use will tap into Google in one way or another. For example, one of the most popular email platforms is now Gmail (Google Mail), Google has its own smartphones, and partners with Android, automatically installing Google Chrome and YouTube as standard. We also now have Google powered glasses that act as a form of AI communication and information-access. Even AI devices such as Amazon Alexa teams up with Google, not only for searching information but with add-ons that can help households tap into the device to ‘run the home’ such a switching lighting on and off, controlling heating and other electrical devices.
There’s simply no denying it – even if we opt for an alternative search engine such as Ecosia or Bing! Somewhere along the line, our browsing, shopping or use of device will be reliant on the many strings to Google’s bow, thus making it a part of our lives whether we realise it directly or not. Let’s face it – if you’re out and about and lost, what’s your go-to? We’re guessing it’s a certain branded form of online map, and that that certain brand just so happens to start with a big old G!

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