The main meaning behind the tiger eye crystal name is its resemblance to the eye color of tiger and cat. The yellow golden color bands of this crystal are beautiful, fancy and hold an immense power. This crystal is manly the beautiful blend of mineral, stone and quartz. It is best known to increase courage and positive energy within you and connects human with the divine powers. Tiger eye stone also ignites the inner flame of the body to make them bold, bright and confident.
Benefits of Tiger Eye
If worn properly and in right manner it has the immense power to change your personality and builds up the qualities of life. Following points describes the best benefits of the stone:

  • Self-esteem booster: the tiger eye improves the self-esteem, and confidence for the people who are shy and less sociable. It highly increases the self-dignity and improves your performance. People who cannot present themselves due to awkwardness and shyness can be highly benefited to improve their personality. It increases the self-realization power in the wearer.
  • High patience and tolerance: this powerful stone helps to calm the body, develops the immense power to tolerate and have patience. It directly connects with the body energy and only lets them use this energy for the productive and positive aspects. People with high temper and angry behavior can manage their anger and toleration power by keeping this tiger eye stone close to their body.
  • Improve health: for the chronic pain, health disease and long lasting aches, joint pains and back pain can be reduced highly by the power of this stone. It detoxifies the body and stimulates the power through the spine and nerves to different parts of the body so the joint pain and bone aches can be suppressed in highly effective way. Besides it also aids in healing the skin disease as well as the eye sight related problems.
  • Relationship stability: In ancient time people use to keep this stone close to their body for the happy and prosperous love life. It maintains the healthy relationship in the family. This stone possess the power to create the positive environment in the houses and office preventing from the conflicts and arguments.
  • Quick thinking and better decision making: the tiger eye stone has the ability to function the mind and body quickly and smartly. It brings you with the positive thoughts and right decisions every time you get into any bad situation or any dilemma. The stone always makes you grounded and thoughtful.
  • Shields from the evil eyes: This tiger eye stone has the immense power for the protection from the evil powers. It prevents the evil thoughts and energies to enter and empower our body. The stone develops the positive energy inside the body, boosting the confidence and self-esteem.
  • Success in business: the tiger eye stone is highly recommended for the businessman. It provides the opportunities and helps in raising the business success. Tiger eye stone strengthens the financial status and is also known for the wealth gaining stone.
  • Must Effective stone for Root chakra: Not only on root chakra tiger eye gemstone also has as immense effect on the Solar plexus chakra. This helps in maintaining the self-realization and confidence on any work you accomplish.

Sources of Tiger Eye stone
It is natural stone and not treated with any chemicals. It can be found on the earth surface naturally. It is inexpensive stone with the immense power to improve your life. The major sources of the tiger eye stone are:

  • South Africa, from the Northern Cape Province.
  • Namibia
  • Australia
  • India
  • Thailand
  • China
  • USA, Montana

Considerations before buying
Tiger eye stone has the beautiful blend of the colors. First of all seek for the beautiful color and chatoyancy within the stone. Uniformness and even tone of the color is one of the best features of the tiger eye stone. The stone you are buying should have high iridescence and silky luster. It shouldn’t be affected by the cuts. Be aware of the fake tiger eye stone that are treated with the chemical for the better color. Always buy the gemstone from the trusted and genuine dealer.

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