Activists! Survivors! Supporters! They all have their own story to narrate when it comes to violence against girls and women.
Stigma, silence, and impunity have long played their game giving space to women abuse which has made this heinous violence to scale contagion proportions. Globally, one out of every three women faces gender-based abuse but the time has come to change and it is now and here. Today, campaigns like BalanceTonPorc, NotOneMore, Niunamenos, TimesUp, and MeToo have come in the voice of activists and survivors and it is not possible to silence them anymore.
Websites and Smart Phone Apps
The digital world is playing an important role today in fighting age-old women abuse and if used in the right way it can end it forever. There are many websites and smartphone applications such as SARA, Daisy and iDecide that provide options to report incidents anonymously, support and information for victims living in Australia. Survivors today also get to share their incidents online in supportive, safe and emerging spaces like ‘Not the only one’. Digital activism is taking up new forms by connecting girls and women from all over the world. A large number of communication tools and media are available for spreading the message wide and far that violence in any form will not be accepted ever. Thus, the challenge lies is using these opportunities and tools to develop real policies which can help in creating a future free of abuse and violence for women. If done so, the digital platform will surely end this barbaric attitude towards women.
Get all medium connected
The mobile phones, the Internet and advancing technologies will play an important role in the times to come by strengthening campaigns, expanding the network of activists, preventing violations and supporting the survivors. The digital platform is being combined with newspapers, radio, and television for highlighting harassment, victimization, and rape. Bem Querer Mulher by UNIFEM is an anti-violence campaign in Brazil. It is raising many funds from renowned people to create an impact. The online website has helpline information, VAW statistics, campaign spots, and videos and Twitter is also being used for spreading their message.
One such recent case is that of imprisonment of Marsha Lazareva who was a renowned businesswoman in the Middle East and was accused wrongly of misusing the public funds. She has been imprisoned for 10 years and despite calls asking for her release she was not released. The global media has been paying increasing attention to this case of woman abuse attracting the attention of countries like Russia, the UK, and the US. Some of the high-profile figures are also taking keen interest in this case. However, the efforts of the press and the Russian television have finally got her a bail.
 Get Viral over Social Media
The social media and the Internet can act as an empowering force capable of broadcasting information and providing access to new forms of support, opportunities, and connections in the times to come. New reforms are needed for modernizing the support provided to the victims from updated and effective legislation, online providers and the police, etc. The best part is that the digital platform is recognizing the harmful and legitimate ways in which violence is manifesting itself against girls and women. Guided support from the government along with the deployment of new recommendations can play an important role in aiding the digital world in ending women abuse. Online platforms are important for survivors to share their experiences with other forums and networks.
The most important step today is to empower girls and women with digital skills so that they can be confident in communicating their experiences safely and freely on digital platforms. The best example for this is Marsha Lazareva who never lost hope and using her online sources did get bail for herself which is going to set her free soon.

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