What kind of eating do you use when eating apples?

  1. Be sure to cut the skin clean, cut into small pieces, and put it on the plate.
  2. Rub the skin, or wash it directly.
  3. Cut the skin, and eat directly without cutting
  4. Don’t bother to eat. Beat into juice

Test results:

  1. You are a person who is not easy to compromise with reality. Under any circumstances, you want to be able to maintain your own standards and fight against the environment, so sometimes you feel tired, even if you know how to be human. The aspect is smoother. No matter how bad the environment is, you have to strive for the end, you will be very hard. Don’t use the standard on everyone’s body, and shape everyone into what you want, because no one in the world is perfect, you have to know a little more.
  2. You are very caring for yourself. When the actual strength is greater than the inner standard, you will usually give in quickly and avoid suffering inside and outside. This kind of person is doing things sleek and will get a space for survival in this real society.
  3. You have a specific set of standards for yourself. When there is a conflict between the two, you will try to fight for yourself, but when the facts outweigh the ideals, you will not insist too much, so as not to be tired of yourself. Sometimes do you feel that you are busy? It’s time to reflect on yourself.
  4. You don’t really have any requirements for yourself. It just means letting you follow the tide. It sounds like there is no principle, but your heart is really going with the world.

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