SEO has always been important in terms of driving lasting value to your website. Why?

  1. It’s free – You don’t pay for the visitors coming through SEO. They all come organically from Google. Meaning you save tons of money not having to get them from Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc. Meaning you are not only getting more visitors to your website – You are actually saving money as well!
  2. It converts better – Reports show that organic traffic converts better than paid traffic. Why? This has to do with us as people don’t want to buy advertising. We prefer referrals, and SEO Dubai is basically a huge referral index. We know that SEO is based on relevancy, so when I’m searching for the “best restaurant in Dubai” I know that AdWords does not really deserve it – While SEO is what others feel is the best.
  3. It generates a higher volume of traffic – Studies show that out of the total traffic on Google 75% will choose to click on an organic post while just 25% will use the paid option. So, you will pay less, convert better and get a bigger piece of the pie! Not convinced yet?
  4. It increases the UX on your website and will make all of your websites convert better! How? Well, when you start working with your SEO, you will basically start working on enhancing your website. This is something that all of your visitors will benefit from. Google will always incentivize websites with the best performance, content, and UX. Meaning that SEO is good for all of your visitors.
  5. You will get better control – Usually, on an SEO project, you will start tracking your website with Google Search Console and Google Analytics which will give you control over your website visitors, who they are, where they are coming from and what they do. This data can be used to getting to know your audience better and to actually enhance all of your marketing efforts.
  6. You will start taking care of your content – Content is a big part of SEO, so when you begin your SEO journey a huge part will be writing quality content for your website as well as posting on your blog. This means that your visitors will stay longer at your website, you will get more returning visitors because of your blog, etc.

Are you convinced that SEO is the right way to go? Probably you were already 🙂 Now the trick is not the need to get to the top. It is, of course, the journey. Where to start? If you have limited time – I would start with the following:

  • Fix the basic on-page SEO
    • Write your Title tags based on your Keyword research
    • Write your Descriptions based on the same
    • Make sure your URLs are short and sweet 🙂 They should reflect the landing page keyword
    • Make sure the copy on each page is readable.
  • Get your speed in order
    • Make sure the loading time and response time on the website is word class
    • Compress all images
    • Minify the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
    • Get a proper hosting for your website
  • Invest in high-quality backlinks
    • Only work with providers that offers a website with high DA, Real traffic and a high volume of linking domains

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