If you’re on the lookout for a new job, you’ve probably already made sure your resume is updated and streamlined. However, checking your driving record is a commonly forgotten step in preparing for work. To ensure you’re a viable candidate, your driving record should be almost clean. These are some of the reasons why employers often check potential employees’ driving records.

The Job Requires You to Drive

The most obvious reason an employer would conduct a driving record background check is if the job requires you to be in or drive a vehicle. They want to make sure you will be a consistently safe driver. If they check your record and see that you have a history of accidents, then they’ll assume you’re a risk to employ. In that case, their insurance rates would go up and they would have to be concerned about liability issues if you end up hurting someone or damaging someone’s property while on the job.

It Shows How Responsible You Are

Your driving record is a good indicator of your responsibility. Multiple accidents or tickets show that you aren’t careful about your actions and don’t take safety or rules seriously. If you have a history of unpaid fines, this can also show that you aren’t dependable or are lazy or forgetful. No matter what kind of job you’re applying for, the employer wants to know if they can depend on you, and your responsibility when driving often corresponds to your responsibility in other areas of your life.

It Conveys Your Character

Similar to your accountability, your driving history will give your employer more insight into your character as a person. If your record shows irresponsibility because of repeated traffic violations or unpaid fines, then they may question your integrity and honesty. These marks on your record may also indicate that you’re aggressive, which could be off-putting to an employer who wants employees that will be easy to work with.

Before you submit your next job application, consider checking your driving record to make any improvements and ensure you’ll be a great candidate.

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