Working from home, it has been huge trend for a while now. When people first start working remotely, there were mainly advantages. But are  work from home jobs really so productive on the long term? The advantages and disadvantages at a glance.
Going from your bed straight into your own office. Many employees see it as the most optimal way of working. But how good is working from home and is it just as favourable for you as an employer as for your employees? Because of course, you have a pleasant working atmosphere, but you are also as efficient as possible. Does that happen at home, in their own environment and without control?
Conflicting messages
Research has recently showed that solely working from home decreased productivity in the long run. It was already shown that working from home would result into labour conflicts. Conflicts such as dissatisfaction among employees about not being aloud to smoke at home or not having the right technological equipment at home to work properly.  On the other side, different experts claim that remote jobs have a positive affect on productivity. The researchers say for example that job satisfaction increases when people work from home.  There are a lot of different studies about the matter with contradicting findings and claims. From the conflicting messages we can only state one thing for sure: working from home is not just negative or positive; there are nice things but also disadvantages.
In general, employees seem to be slightly more cheerful about an office at home than the big bosses. This does not necessarily make sense. But the government also seems to be gripped by the home work virus. At the end of last year it became known that the government of the Netherlands wants to deposit 24 million euros in a fund which will be used to stimulate work at home jobs. Employers who do not have the money to make working from home possible with the right technology would be helped a bit.
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