Changing a job is often a very common occurrence for today’s workforce. People today are more likely than ever before to change companies. These changes can bring about some wonderful things for a person’s career. New opportunities, hopefully higher compensation and a new company to start fresh with. Many of these opportunities require relocation which can be exciting. However, before you move your family, here are some things to consider about your new town before accepting that job offer.
#1 Climate
This can be a big determining factor. Do you appreciate the weather where you are moving? Not everyone can survive a Wyoming winter and not everyone can endure an Arizona summer. Similarly, humidity is something that needs to be considered. The south is famous for being extremely humid and muggy. The west is often known to be very arid. There are several websites that offer year round temperature averages. There are also online forums that you can check out where people will talk about what they enjoy or dislike about their cities.
#2 Culture
A location could have a perfect climate but you have to enjoy the people too. Keep in mind, you’ll likely find all sorts of people everywhere you go. However, there are general cultures of different communities that you need to attempt and discover.
If you’re in the process of evaluating a town, attend a church or something that you will be doing regularly if you live there. What do you think of the people? Are they kind? Inviting? Warm? Intelligent? Do they seem like people you’d like to associate with on a regular basis? This could be a great fit then.
#3 Closeness
What do you want in an ideal situation? Are you okay living in an apartment and sharing walls with your neighbors? Would you rather live on a house with several acres of property? Maybe you want a neighborhood where your children could play with the neighbors. Something you need to ask yourself is how close in proximity do you want to be with other people. If you need your space, large populated cities probably aren’t the greatest fit for you.
This also applies to shopping, access to fun stores, event centers, etc. If these things are important to you, a small rural town might not be a great fit.
#4 Community
Do people love where you are considering moving? Do people have a strong sense of community that motivates them to give back? This can be difficult to gauge but can be a strong indicator for if you want to live there or not. Personally, I love living somewhere that has a strong sense of community pride. This pride is infectious and makes me passionate about where I live.
In the end, you just have to decide what is important to you. Then you have to determine if that potential city can help you have access to what matters to you. Loving where you live is an important aspect of your life satisfaction. Even a great job would have difficulty making up for living in place that you simply don’t appreciate. Before you take that job offer, evaluate your new location first.

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