The market analysis is the first step to do if you want to plan performing online or offline communication activities. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or if your company has been on the market for a long time. What is very important to know is that the market can provide you valuable information about how to plan your media relations campaigns and how to design your identity, both linguistically and aesthetically.
Contrary to what people usually think, market analysis are not only about numbers, but they also concern qualitative and relational features. They are useful to understand how to face with journalists, how to write a press release or a corporate messages. They also allow to design a customized communication according to company’s goals and prospects identity.
so, the market analysis allow you to have a strong and deep knowledge of the reference market and of the competitors, too. Competitors knowledge is decisive both for emerging brands and historical ones, because there is always something to learn from them.
For example, if your competitor makes a communication mistake, such as a wrong title to bet on or a not good relationship with journalists, you can understand how to do better.
Or, if your competitor designs an excellent communication campaign based on well-constructed media relations, then you can learn from it and understand how to improve your communication, on which channels or newspapers you need to aim, how to tell about you and your history to those who don’t know anything about you.
So, is necessary to deep understand who your competitors are and how they behave online and offline, in order to plan your communication. However, companies are often unable to do all these activities on their own.

Why asking for support to a media relations agency

A media relations expert is someone who has all the necessary tools and skills to make a market and competitors analysis. But that’s not all.
If you need a tailored communication, if your goal is to overtake competitors, you cannot miss the chance to be supported by a professional media relations agency with its varied professionals. The advantage of asking for support to an agency consists in the possibility to find all the professional figures you may need in one place. From those who have writing skills to those how have strong public relations capacities, the agency will provide you complete and performing communication activities.
What about the market and competitor analysis: a media relation experts deep knows the reference market, so he or she has a different point of view on it. He or she knows who are the most popular brand in a specific field; which linguistic and aesthetic codes they use to communicate online and offline; how they face with journalists and customers.
This professional will help you to design your brand identity, to distinguish your company, services or products from the competitors ones, and to understand how to do it by choosing the right aesthetic and linguistic code to be used on classic and modern media, too.

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