What an interesting time to work as a B2B marketer! The traditional roles of buyers and sellers have been fundamentally altered by social media and search engines, which means that B2B marketers had to change their approach. Interestingly enough, however, many traditional marketing strategies still remain highly effective, and just need a bit of tweaking to fit with modern demands. Below are five surprising and useful facts about B2B marketing campaigns that may be able to help you and your business out.

  1. Salespeople still do a great job – they just do it differently

What buyers are looking forward to, especially when it comes to B2B marketing, isn’t product demonstration, and salespeople don’t seem thrilled about this fact. In 2018, more B2B purchases were made directly online than in-person. In today’s business climate, the salesperson with the most sales is the one with the most relationships, the one that acts fast, and that is highly responsive to buyer’s needs. References also matter, so make sure to help your salespeople build a trusty and reliable portfolio for the sake of your company.

  1. Social Media is effective – if you use it correctly

More than half of the B2B buyers search for reliable and valid information regarding the products they plan to buy on social media channels. So, even if this strategy is on a rise, better to discuss it with a b2b marketing consultant and ask them to develop a reliable and effective social media marketing strategy for you. More than 95% of the B2B marketers today have corporate social media accounts, but more than half of those are unused.

  1. Advertising matters, but not as much as you think

Ads have their secured place when it comes to web presence optimization. They are one of the most regarded pillars of the paid-owned-shared-earned media models. However, search ads seem to only be effective to meet buyer’s immediate needs or demands. B2B buyers prefer to do their research in today’s business climate before making a decision. They find informative articles more reliable than paid ads, and this is a sensitive difference between the B2B and B2C marketers. More than this, if you have millennials as your target audience, you can just as easily say goodbye to paid ads, as more than 40% of those claim that they don’t trust them.

  1. Oldies but Goldies Still Rule

The online marketing and traditional marketing clash seems to have impartial results when it comes to effectiveness. Those goldie marketing strategies that rocked the past are still effective – the paradox of our era! Trade shows still win when it comes to lead generation, so bear this in mind!

  1. The most reliable online sources of information remain traditional papers – but online-based

While paper support is dead for most reliable media outlets, everybody prefers doing their research on online versions of those traditional media outlets.
These surprising and useful facts will certainly change your approach to B2B marketing campaigns and might force you to adapt to the new business climate.

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