Keeping a clean carpet guarantee strong living surroundings. Carpets can get dirty and stained very quickly because it absorbs the dust and any liquid and other spills.  Sometimes regular vacuuming cannot be enough and it does not always ensure that your carpet is clean.
Vacuuming may not be enough if you are doing it one a while but if you are doing it regularly, you can be assure that it will keep your carpet from dirt and dust and keep it going to deep in the layers of the fabric.  a good quality vacuum machine can pull the dust very strongly. Use the machine in right directions for proper results.
Carpet shampooing it is also essential to preserve a cleanliness of the carpet. Spay the solution on the carpet that will help to loosen up the dirt. Leave it for few minutes may be half hour to get it dry and then use the vacuuming machine.
You can also steam the carper by using liquid-based cleaning agent and a steam-cleaning machine which carry out dirt to the carpet’s surface and pulls it out of the carpet. Both methods will do the job. It is just a matter of preference.
In case of spill, it is very important to give it attention as soon as possible. You a wet towel or cloth and put it on the area of the spill. Let it absorb the liquid and in case something solid has spilled, do not rub the cloth too hard. Clean the dirty area with gentle hands. After that use carpet cleaner to remove the stain or you can blot the stain with club soda. Believe it or not it really works. You can also use vinegar to remove stains of chocolate and coffee.
If you are living in Mississauga, you will see that carpet cleaning Mississauga are using different types of methods to clean the carpet professionally. They use methods which do not take too much time and are free of chemicals .

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