When deciding to put items in storage it is important to take an inventory of what will go into storage. If it is not a vehicle, motorcycle, truck or another type of item that is normally outdoors then climate-controlled storage is important. There are items that will not hold up well if stored without climate control if stored for any length of time other than a few days while moving from one place to another. However, most people who decide they need a storage unit want one for much longer, so it is essential to know what should be stored in climate control units. 

Common Storage Items that Require Climate Control 

The list of the most common items that require climate control is basically household items that would not do well outside on a porch. This would be basically the same as a storage unit that does not have climate control. The items that should be stored in this type of storage include: 

• Furniture whether wood, cloth, leather, metal, or brass should be stored where the climate is controlled to avoid problems like mold and mildew since this can happen especially in the heat of the summer with rain, or in cooler weather. Storing furniture of these types will severely cut down the life of it. 

  • Household appliances like microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers and dryers should be in climate-controlled units since storing in an uncontrolled unit could affect the electronics of the appliances and mold could form in them.

  • Musical instruments whether a clarinet to a piano even if they appear indestructible storing them in an uncontrolled location will affect them negatively. It not only will affect the outside of the instrument, but it will damage the inside in ways that are unrepeatable. 

  • Artwork should be stored where the climate is controlled since it can be damaged elsewhere whether it is canvas or paper print art. 

  • Books should be inside where the climate can be controlled for two main reasons. First, the paper can become moldy or brittle if not in a place where the climate is right. Secondly, in other types of storage, it is possible insects could use the paper to nest and this would include burrowing into the pages to make their nest. 

  • Clothing that has leather, wool, beads or other things that may become damaged if not in this kind of environment like self storage facility McLean VA.

    What Climate Control Means

    Climate controlled storage units are a space that keeps a continuous temperature that will protect the integrity of household good and other items that are placed there without the risk of mold or insect infestations. If the items are packed properly they will be the same when taken out of storage even if it is long-term storage for several years. This is mostly due to the temperature that is constant, so damage cannot occur just as it would not if in a home which is what is expected when putting items into storage. Appliances, pots, pans, books, jewelry, clothing or furniture once packedand marked will be safe since along with this unit there will be a security keypad to enter the building and then you can access the unit that also is locked keeping the contents safe.

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